Impackt: Sakura

This cannot be good for my allergies!

Jindai Zakura (T13 Bow)
Sakura Cuffs (T8 Gloves)
Blooming Partition/Zen Garden (Decorations)
Sukeban Outfit/Sukeban Pants (Avatar Items)


Sakura Cuffs are the first premium T8 Glove blueprint. Crafting it is much more pleasant than the standard T8, Windrunner Gloves, which has an annoying superior quality pre-craft, where Sakura does not.

The extra defense and HP make this a good option for your leveling heroes. Unfortunately, this blueprint is afflicted with recently common plague of having an affinity that is worthless to everyone that can equip it, except for Spellblades/Spellknights.

From a crafting perspective

Jindai Zakura is the first premium T13 blueprint. The essence cost is at the high end of what we have seen in this tier so far, but can be reduced by 2 with the first ascension milestone. It requires 6 Deep Coral out of the box, but that can be reduced to 4 after fully ascending. If you are far enough to be crafting Zakura the 6 coral shouldn’t be an issue, so it is probably best to spend your shards elsewhere.

From a meta perspective

Like most bows Zakura has a pretty niche use case. Specifically for those few special heroes that roll Marksman, but cannot use Guns or Crossbows. In those cases then Zakura is a good option, especially if you need HP.

The T13 chest blueprint, Earthstrung bow is a great alternative to Zakura, with a very comparable attack stat thanks to it’s innate Primeval element, but it falls a tiny bit sort and also lacks the secondary HP stat on Zakura

The T13 chest bow, Earthstrung Wings is a solid alternative for Druids, boasts an impressive 1063 attack stat from it’s innate Primeval element, which is more than the T13 crossbow, and 100 more than Zakura out of the box. However, Druids will benefit more from Zakura once enchanted.

The attack stat for other heroes using different affinity will fall a bit short of the Earthstrung, but flexibility of choosing your element, and the HP in the secondary stat more than makes up for it.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Taishōgun Kabuto (T13 Helmet)
Zen Garden Sand/Hanami Scenery (Flooring/Wallpaper)


From a crafting perspective

From what we have seen in this tier so far Taishōgun Kabuto is a pretty standard craft. The jewel cost is a bit high but is reduced by 9 after the 2nd milestone. Six Threads of Fate is a little steep, but should not be an issue at this stage in the game. Ascension can reduce threads to 3 and essence to 4.

From a meta perspective

Taishōgun Kabuto is the new BiS helm. The attack stat on Taishōgun is particularly helpful for Samurai wanting to boost their first attack, and any Spellblade/Spellknight.

However, Taishōgun suffers from the same plague as Sakura Cuffs (and many others). The only class that can equip it, and take advantage of its earth affinity, are Spellblades/Spellknights. Nevertheless, this is currently the best option for any hero that can wear a helmet.


  • Sakura Cuffs is a great option for leveling heroes, but no one can use its affinity.
  • Kabam Neri should have double checked the stats on the Jindai Zakura.
  • Taishōgun Kabuto is the new BiS helm, especially for Samurai and Spellblades. Unfortunately, the affinity is lost on most heroes that can wear it.
  • Show off your six pack in the Sukeban Outfit, while finding enlightenment in your new Zen Garden.
  • If you listen closely on the wind you can hear the sounds of thousands of retired Mercs crying.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

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