Impackt: Self-Care

What has been seen cannot be unseen

Fragrant Moisturizer (T13 Potion)
The Backscratcher (T7 Staff)
Blossom-Infused Bath (Indoor Decoration)
Wellness Wood Shelf (Wall Decoration)
Bathrobe/Towel Wrap (Avatar Items)

Jog apparently takes a bath whilst wearing clothes.


A tier 8 that doesn’t use rare resources is always a welcome addition.

From a crafting perspective

An interesting ascension track can be found here – the Fragrant Moisturizer has 2 +10% multicraft nodes available to it. The ether reduction node is on the mastery track which is great to see and it only uses 1 type of components. Basically something that all premium blueprints should aspire to in my opinion. A really good pick for the herb slot.

From a meta perspective

This is just a flat upgrade from the Satchel of Essentials that we got earlier in the year. Anywhere you’re using satchel can be swapped to this, though it’s not a major upgrade from it.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Deluxe Flip-Flops (T13 Light Footwear)
Orchid Print(Wallpaper)
Orchid Path (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Deluxe Flip-Flops are a great option too due to them not using any rare resources and the essence cost can be lowered to only requiring 2 which is amazing.

The only downside here is the amount of thread used per craft – this will drain you fairly quickly if you’re not careful and it’s only possible to lower it by 1 to 7 thread. Still a great craft though.

From a meta perspective

Anytime you need more evasion these are the new go-to for the shoe slot. It works well with the immortal quartet/enduring quartorian builds and just for general “keeping your rogue-type alive” times.


  • Can we pay to have images removed from packs?
  • A new best-in-slot tank potion with a great ascension track.
  • And some new evasion shoes with a very low essence cost.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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