Impackt: Shop Titans

Four years in and their names are still creative

Titan Plate Armor (T13 Heavy Armor)
Titan Helm (T7 Helmet)
Argon Portrait/Titan Throne (Decorations)
Titan Jacket/Jewelled Claws (Avatar Items)


Because what we needed was more Tier 7 helmets with attack .:P. Nothing special here.

From a crafting perspective

Well let’s be real here any iron craft is going to struggle this tier when compared to the Plasma Saber from the Spacefarer pass. The essence cost is a bit high as well (6 reduced to 5 via ascension), which doesn’t do this craft any favours. It is the 3rd highest item for the armour slot during DI, so that’s something I guess.

From a meta perspective

The Titan Plate Armor is a welcome addition to the Heavy Armor line. Although it has Light affinity you should try to keep away from using this on Knights/Lords as they won’t get much value from the extra attack, however classes like Samurai and Spellblades can get some great usage out of this.


The portrait has different skins for each champion that can be purchased for a small amount of gold.

Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Titan Boots (T13 Heavy Footwear)
Regal Wall (Wallpaper)
Regal Floor (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Better than the heavy armour from the mega pack as your iron craft option – it sports a lower essence cost, is cheaper on the component front and is also the highest airship power item for the misc armour slot.

From a meta perspective

Titan Boots offer something for the non-damage tanks in the form of lots of survivability. These will likely remain as a best-in-slot choice for a long time, especially for Lords with the Light affinity on them.


  • Look ma, more tier 7 helmets!
  • Bring some fancy looking offensive armour to your Samurai
  • And deck out your lords in some shiny new boots.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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