Impackt: Shop Titans 2024

Creativity is not their strong suit

Mega Pack

Titan Shotkeeper (T14 Bow)
Titan Admiral Hat (T8 Rogue Hat)
The Vault/Titan Partition (Indoor Decorations)
5th Anniversary Glasses/Titan Sandals (Avatar Items)


Nothing worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

Whilst it’s not exactly super exciting (welcome back iron we didn’t miss you) the Titan Shotkeeper does run low on the exotic resource requirement, dropping to 32 after ascension and essence reduction is on the mastery track. Not really great for DI unfortunately – it’s just running too low on the attack front.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot bow and if you’ve ended up with a marksman Sensei or Daiymo it’s very much worth picking up. It’s not going to be taking many (if any) “this is the best weapon for this class” spots though due to the same reason it’s lacklustre for DI – the attack power just isn’t there for bows at the minute.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Titan Admiral Coat (T14 Light Armor)
Titan Crystal/Regal Wall (Wallpaper)
Titan/Hoard (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Whilst the Titan Admiral Coat is a reasonable leather-craft it is sadly let down by having both its ether and essence reduction nodes locked to the ascension track, giving us instead a totally awesome -1 Heaven Crest cost on the mastery track. Woo!

Although on raw value it loses to the Cursed King Plate for DI it has the advantage in being a dual-affinity piece, meaning if Armor of Invincibility isn’t on the table for you this is a fantastic pick up.

From a Meta perspective

Easily takes the spot as the new best-in-slot Light Armor and should be considered for pretty much every class that can run it. With the new T14 elements freeing us (for now at least) from the shackles of affinity it’s safe to be swapped in everywhere.



  • If I wasn’t running a pyramid I’d use all the deco from this pack.
  • New best-in-slot light armor and bow, albeit the bow is of somewhat limited use.
  • Where’s our Praetorian pack Kabam?

Final Score

Mega Pack: 6/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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