Impackt: Shop Titans

Creative pack naming go!

Titan Shield (T12 Shield)
Titan Potion (T5 Potion)
Birthday Cake (Decoration)
Titan Counter (Counter Skin)
3rd Anniversary Shirt/Cake Hat (Avatar Items)


Titan Potion (T5 Potion)
53 DEF/26 HP
99 Herbs/25 Oil/5 Rustwyrm Scale

We weren’t exactly short of options for low-tier herbs but hey it’s cheap ascension fodder and is a welcome addition to any levelling tank that can use it.

Titan Shield (T12 Shield)
385 DEF/24 HP
Affinity: Light
380 Wood/110 Ironwood/35 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/1 XL Magic Potion (Superior)

From a crafting perspective

Slightly unusual for a shield as it calls for Ether instead of Jewels – the Ether can be lowered to 28 with ascension. The precraft can’t be removed unfortunately but it can be dropped to only requiring normal after the 2nd mastery milestone.

It’s not a bad wood craft however it does kind of pale in comparison to the Hotshot Carbine from the last pack. If you don’t have that blueprint this shield is great for your wood slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot shield whilst also looking cool at the same time. The Light affinity is especially welcomed by Knights/Lords and Clerics/Bishops and it offers great survivability to any class which can use it.

That being said for some classes the shield slot can also have a cloak instead, in which case you may want to consider using Sakura Cloak instead of Titan Shield.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Titan Sword (T12 Sword)
Potion-Plated Wall/Titan-Plated Wall (Wallpaper)
Trigonal Tile (Flooring)


Titan Sword (T12 Sword)
730 ATK/183 Def
Affinity: Light
390 Iron/110 Steel/31 Ether/1 Sigil of True Might/4 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective

Continuing the theme of using a different resource than standard we have a 31 Ether cost sword which we can lower to 23 with ascension. It’s also worth noting that for ascension milestones the Titan Sword is unusual – the +% multicraft chance is 15% instead of 10%.

As far as metal craft options go this is a very solid pick so long as you can work with it using Ether instead of the normal metal/jewels.

From a meta perspective

The Titan Sword is along the same lines as the Hotshot Carbine – that is, if your hero can use a sword this is going to easily beat most other options. The Light affinity makes it the definitive go-to for Lords – this entire pack could be thought of as a “let’s make Lords even stronger” pack.

Fingers crossed for a Samurai one next?


I’ll have pictures later when my pack is unbugged, don’t have them at the minute.


  • It’s the most creatively named pack ever
  • Titan Potion is great for levelling tanks
  • Titan Shield is the new best shield though we’ve had better wood craft options recently
  • Titan Sword chops down its competitors and is the best sword option.
  • Stare at a cake wishing they’d add a food crafting line
  • Oh and wear one on your head cause sure why not.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

There will be a giveaway to win these packs starting on the 16th June.

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Is worth to get the complete package for the tier 12 shield if I’m currently on tier 9 recipes? I have all the workers and material requirements except for the true might sigil.

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