Impackt: Sugar Shack

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Maple Ration Mini (T12 Ring)
Sugar Shack Special (T5 Meal)
Maple Taffy Stand/Maple Syrup Dispenser (Decorations)
Canayan Uniform/The Maple Chug (Avatar Items)


One day we’ll see a tier 12 Meal in a pack. Just not today.

From a crafting perspective

Out of the ordinary for the ring line in that it uses leather/fabric for crafting (I guess if you release 3 T12 rings in 3 months you got to mix it up somewhere) and for a bonus requires 12 of a component to craft it (haunted castle about to get some frequent visitors.)

The Maple Ration Mini also boasts a rather impressive primary resource reduction milestone on its mastery track reducing the leather required by 164. So long as you can keep feeding it Threads of Fate it’s a pretty good option for your leather slot (though not for dragon invasion purposes.)

From a meta perspective

If you listen carefully enough you can hear the rejoicing of monks all across the world. The Crystalice Loop Maple Ration Mini comfortably takes the spot of best-in-slot ring and should be used pretty much everywhere you’re running one at the minute – the only thing that might hold you back is the cost (in the case of monks for example they’ll want 2 copies of this.)


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Maple Holy Grail (T12 Potion)
Fork of Roasting (T12 Wand)
Sticky Syrup/Seeping Syrup (Flooring/Wallpaper)


From a crafting perspective

Much like the ring from the mega pack the Maple Holy Grail also has a pretty strong reduction in its primary resource on its mastery track, though it is split across the first 2 milestones instead of being just 1.

Apart from that it’s pretty much business as usual. It’s a fair option for herb crafting though we’ve had better in recent months. If you missed out on the Lost Star Chart/don’t really want to craft the hourglass from last pack go ahead and craft this (or try to pick up some of the prints now in the Antique Store.)

From a meta perspective

Been a long time since we had a good defensive potion upgrade. Use this on your red-types to help keep them in the fight longer (though Samurai will prefer to stay with the Supreme Sunscreen.)

From a crafting perspective

An unusual crafting option here as the Lost Warrior’s Plate Fork of Roasting doesn’t require any rare resources. Whilst this can make it a bit tricky to fit in (as it’ll be draining from your herb oil count) the savings made on not using jewels/ether make it a very strong contender for crafting nonetheless.

From a meta perspective

With its higher base attack and offering health instead of defence the Fork of Roasting takes the spot as the best wand currently available for your heroes. Whilst it’s not a significant jump from the Ivory Queen Rod it’s one I would consider for your favourite casters at least.

Side note: whilst the fire affinity does mean Archmages could avoid having to run Phoenix Crest it does not synergise with their innate (which buffs staves.) The tormenting of Archonmal continues.


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Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 9/10 (though if you don’t own Evelyn consider it a 7 instead.)

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