Impackt: Summer Vibes

Island paradise ✓, Drink with umbrella ✓

Mega Pack

Protein Shake (T14 Potion)
Hi-Cardio Bandana (T8 Magician Hat)
Boombox (Indoor Decoration)
Leotard/Bandana & Mullet/Dumbell (Avatar Items)


Has some use for mage levelling but nothing super exciting here.

From a crafting perspective

A fairly standard potion blueprint here. The essence reduction is on the mastery track which is always nice to see and the print works out as cheaper to craft than the previous herb + ether one (the Chronomancer’s Timetable.)

Absolutely terrible for DI to a surprise of ooooh no-one.

From a meta perspective

Attack-based potions are kind of lacking in general – the classes who can mainly use potions tend to be fighter-types who would favour a more defensive option. The ones who aren’t could use it but it also tends to share a meal slot which has better damage options.

That being said, if you really need the extra health the Protein Shake isn’t a bad pick, it’s just not exactly a go-to option either.


The Boombox plays Jazzercise music when zoomed in close to it. Similar to the Gramaphone decoration from the New Year 2023 Pack.

Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Hi-Cardio Shoes (T14 Shoes)
Memphis Design (Wallpaper)
That One Pattern (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

If you got the Titan Admiral Coat from the previous superior (or the Chronomancer’s Robes from earlier in the tier) you can pretty much disregard this print from a crafting perspective.

If you don’t have either of those then whilst not a terrible craft it doesn’t exactly have anything exciting going for it – more costly and lacking in DI as well.

From a Meta perspective

Good stats for an offensive pair of shoes however they will struggle to outpace Voidwalkers – the 5% crit Voidwalkers have means they’ll essentially dominate the shoe slot until something much heavier hitting lands.



  • Normally I like purple but this deco ain’t doing it for me.
  • A new potion and shoes but arguably neither of them are best-in-slot options.
  • Where’s our Praetorian pack Kabam?

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

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2 replies on “Impackt: Summer Vibes”

I think just being Fire affinity gives the shoes an edge case use on some Mage and Musketeer builds. Mages in particular were hurting for affinity items all through T13.

What edge case usage does it have with the T14 elements being available? Musketeers / Conqs for one surely prefer crit over however much attack this shoes provide, not to mention voidwalkers can be used at common quality to serve as break bait. Cant say for Mages but I struggle to see how the extra 10 fire affinity is a factor right now.

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