Impackt: Super Sweet

Hope the kingdom has a dentist

Chocolicious Blade (T5 Sword)
Crunchy Bracelet (T11 Ring)
Waffle Couch/Gumball Machine (Decorations)
Delicious Dress/Candy Crown (Avatar Items)


Chocolicious Blade (T5 Sword)
172 ATK/5 HP
54 Herbs/11 Oil/1 Corrupted Element/4 Living Root

So we could question the safety of using a half-eaten blade and the possible cross-contamination of germs from doing so. The precraft requirement can be removed by mastery and it’s a pretty solid pick for your levelling heroes. It’s also an interesting pairing for the Sword line.

Crunchy Bracelet (T11 Ring)
340 ATK/85 DEF
319 Herbs/73 Oil/25 Ether/1 Sigil of Might/4 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective

Continuing the theme of having unusual resources we have a ring that uses Herb and Oil. We can get the Ether down to 20, though it should be noted there’s no way to lower the Oil requirement – where the milestone would be for it is instead replaced with a -1 to Boreal Gales (it already has a lower than normal Oil cost.) A good choice for your herb slot.

From a meta perspective

Whilst the Crunchy Bracelet has a nice amount of attack it struggles against the Bunbun Band’s health – it just doesn’t bring enough to the table. Crunchy will have a place for teams based around max damage as quickly as possible but from a soloing perspective it’s a negative.

Superior Pack

Super Snack Pack (T11 Herbal Medicine)
Waffle-Stuffed/Drippin’ Delicious (Flooring/Wallpaper)
Super Snack Pack (T11 Herbal Medicine)
210 ATK/35 HP
354 Herbs/103 Oil/25 Ether/1 Sigil of Spark/8Ancien Marble

From a crafting perspective

Whilst we have here the expected pairing for a Herbal Medicine there are no milestones/ascensions that affect the 8 Ancient Marble cost – instead, you can reduce the Oil cost by 52, meaning with an ascended herb line this comes in very cheap on the uncommon resource front. Ether can be lowered to 20 as per usual.

From a meta perspective

That’s quite a lot of attack power for a herb and makes it a solid contender for the best-in-slot Herbal Medicine in quite a fewcases (so a farewell to the Seltzer Surprise1.)

It beats out the Seltzer for group play although this comes with a disclaimer that we’re not talking massive jumps here – if you already have Seltzers on your heroes don’t rush to replace them. For solo play it does win out in some scenarios as well (it’s great for Chieftains for example) but the loss of health generally means it won’t be worth swapping to – if in doubt check it on the hero sim or ask in the hero channels on discord.


  • £5 says Snype ate the rest of the chocolate blade
  • Crunchy Bracelet is an interesting craft but struggles to defeat the Bunbun.
  • Super Snack Pack is the new Best-in-Slot herb and would absolutely ruin your diet.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

  1. 3.54 Swan’s Edges/6.07 Barkback’s

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