Impackt: Superhero

Oddly vulnerable to the color yellow

Mega Pack

Greenlight Ring (T14 Ring)
Darkeye’s Bow (T7 Bow)
Command Console/Cryonite Crystal (Decoration)
Superhero Mask/Superhero Helm (Avatar Items)


A mid-tier crit bow is nice to see. Great for levelling ninjas, though the use of the jewels for a tier 7 is a bit ick.

From a crafting perspective

Welcome to tier 14, where the essence baseline value is now set to 8. Fortunately the first ascension here can drop it by 2 and with it being the first seasonal print we don’t really have much to compare against yet for whether it’s worth it or not.

For Dragon Invasion it’s a ring it has no hope of being relevant.

From a meta perspective

Straight out the gate we have a new best-in-slot ring, meaning Sacred Scarab had a pretty short shelf-life outside of its affinity. Loved by any ring user who can afford to not have an affinity piece in that slot.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Eternity Gauntlet (T14 Gauntlet)
Secret Base (Wallpaper)
Secret Base (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Well now we do have a metal print to compare against :D More expensive initially to craft however after milestones it’ll be cheaper. Not terrible for Dragon Invasion but not exactly high scoring either.

From a Meta perspective

Attack on gauntlets tends to not be of great use – gauntlet wearers tend to be looking for extra defensive stats there. Good for Daimyo and Spellknights, very underwhelming for most other classes.



  • Tier 14 :D
  • Baseline 8 essence D:
  • New best-in-slot ring :D
  • Disappointing gauntlets D:

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

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