Impackt: Sweet Dreams

Sorry it’s late, we overslept

Sandman’s Pouch (T13 Herbal Medicine)
The Dreamcatcher (T7 Amulet)
Good Night Bed/Moonlit Mobile (Indoor Decorations)
Pajamas/Sleeping Mask (Avatar Items)


A T7 that requires jewels. Industrial-grade ick.

From a crafting perspective

Sandman’s Pouch runs higher than normal on the essence front and requires ascending to bring it to the normal baseline amount. The Ether and Oil costs on the other hand are a lot nicer – although it’s not possible to reduce them further it’s still running on the cheaper side for a T13.

So, much, sand.

From a meta perspective

A more aggressive herbal medicine compared to the Slide Grease, the Sandman’s Pouch works nicely on any hero who wants to pack more of a punch and doesn’t need the extra survival from grease, though this is something you’d need to decide for yourself based on how well your heroes are doing. If you’re unsure which to use then stick with the Slide Grease.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Somnus Boltcaster (T13 Crossbow)
Garbs of Morpheus (T13 Light Armor)
Dreamy/Twilight Tile (Wallpaper/Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Garbs of Morpheus on the other hand can run lower on the essence front with ascension dropping it to only requiring 3 per craft. You can also get the ether down to 27 as part of its mastery track making this a beautiful item to craft – not quite on the same level as the T13 prints that only use 2 resources but pretty damned good still.)

It’s also the 4th best option for your armour slot in Dragon Invasion and is only just behind the items above it. Basically what we’re saying is this is worth getting.

From a meta perspective

It has been a very long time since we got a high tier light armour and the Garbs of Morpheus does not disappoint. It offers a hefty increase in survivability to your rogue-types which will help keep them safe when running high level quests and will take the spot as best light armour for now.

From a crafting perspective

As with the Sandman’s Pouch from the mega pack the Somnus Boltcaster has a higher than normal essence cost and can only be lowered to baseline via ascension. It also requires an incredibly high amount of wood to craft, though given T1 resources regenerate fairly quickly this can be favourable presuming you have the capacity to hold it all.

Also a fairly good option for Dragon Invasion (though good luck to anything dislodging the Scepter of Ever-Wisdom from the top spot.)

From a meta perspective

Somnus Boltcaster takes the spot as the best crossbow, though it runs into the unfortunate situation that most crossbow users have better options already (conquistadors and wardens for example can use the Sonic Trumpeteer) but hey if you got crossbow mastery use it, or if you got marksman on an acrobat use it there. Also works well on Tricksters.


  • Not wasting any more words on that T7.
  • Enjoy some aggressive medicine
  • A new best in slot Light Armour that also looks pretty cool.
  • Encourage deforestation by spam crafting the new crossbow.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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