Impackt: Tamas

In leather we trust, dude

Mega Pack

Leathermaster’s Apron (T13 Light Armor)
Rolled Up Leather (T8 Spell)
Tamas Plushie (Decoration)
Tool Rack (Wall Decoration)
Leather Jacket/Leather Boots (Avatar Items)


Nothing worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

A much nicer essence cost compared to a lot of the recent packs – here we have a baseline 6 that’s dropped to 3 with the first ascension and there’s some pretty strong ether reductions too.

The catch is the 2 true sigils – although this drops to 1 after the 2nd mastery milestone it can be a bit annoying (this depends largely on how long you’ve been playing – longer term players will likely have an excess of these so it’s no bother compared to newer ones.)

For Dragon Invasion it’s the second best armour piece so it can be worth picking up for that if you missed the CM-73.

From a meta perspective

A slight upgrade to the Garbs of Morpheus – this is essentially a swap-in for when you’re looking to upgrade your heroes further. It’s only a small boost so you don’t need to rush to replace your garbs, just something to keep in mind.

Pathfinders really love this for the Earth affinity as it allows them to drop the Wildhunt piece they run.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Leathermaster’s Mallet (T13 Mace)
The Leatherworker (Wallpaper)
Leatherstitched (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

It’s a leather weapon which can be nice for King’s Caprice at times. Apart from that just apply everything I said about the Leathermaker’s Apron cause it’s the exact same deal with the exception it’s pretty bad for Dragon Invasion.

From a Meta perspective

Maces (along with a few other weapon types like axes) struggle to find a place for best-in-slot lists because of their disappointingly low attack values. They normally only manage to find a spot by having an affinity that was lacking there before which the Mallet does sort of help with for Mercenaries – they can swap this in to replace the Thorn of Scorn.



  • Pathfinders rejoice, free from a single stat item
  • A new potential best-in-slot rogue armour, depending if you need more damage or more survival.
  • A rather lacklustre superior.
  • Cards on the table, that plushie looks like he needs more fibre.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

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