Impackt: Thanksgiving 2020

Alternative title: Jeremie thanks you for giving him money

Venerable Oats (T4 Herbal Medicine)
Gobble Lord Helm (T10 Helmet)
Oven of Abundance/Table of Reunion (Decoration)
Shirt of Plenty/Thanksgiving Coiffe (Avatar items)


Venerable Oats (T4 Herbal Medicine)
51 ATK/8 HP
41 Herbs
1 Sweet Grass/2 Deep Peal

Herbal medicines always have 2 stats so you’d think a pack version might push the boundaries and have 3 stats. It now allows a player to fully ascend the medicine tree if they have all of the previous pack ones, but it’s not great for crafting (requires full ascension to remove precraft.)

Gobble Lord Helm (T10 Helmet)
260 DEF/16 HP
306 Iron/87 Steel/25 Jewel
4 Precious Shell/8 Webbed Wing

From a crafting perspective: it’s not terrible in the sense that you can ascend the Webbed Wings away, but we’ve had better options for the t10 metal slot (see: Freyja’s Talisman.) That said, it should sell well on the market.

From a meta perspective: this basically blows all the other helmets out of the water. It’s a significant jump in defensive power for Red-types (especially the totally balanced hero) and is also best-in-slot for leaderboard Lords.1


There are two new items for inside your shop (and hey now the basement is out we actually have space again.)

Taken against a neutral background

Between this and the beds maybe Kabam are trying to change us from being a shopkeeper to an innkeeper.

A new hat and coat for your merchant.

On the hat you can change the colour of the entire thing
For the jacket you can change the colour of it and the scarf/shawl/whatever you call that thing

Superior Item

Cluckthrower (T4 Crossbow)
Birdbane Halberd (T10 Spear)
Golden Feather/Turkey of Plenty (Tiles/Wallpaper)
Cluckthrower (T4 Crossbow)
160 ATK/5 HP
45 Wood
3 Precious Gem, 5 Elven Wood

Cheap ascension fodder and allows Crossbows to hit their max ascension line. Nice for leveling your crossbow heroes thanks to the hp, and it looks cool as well.

Birdbane Halberd (T10 Spear)
440 ATK/110 DEF
306 Wood/87 Ironwood/25 Jewel
4 Precious Shell/3 Silk Scarab

From a crafting perspective: So slight confusion because the blueprint site and the in-game version of this item are different – whilst reviews are written based on the site version, this is a time where I suspect the in-game value will be the one that’s intended.

So with that said, not a terrible craft. Solid option for your wood t10 slot (although grimar’s is similar in cost, it uses wood/ether which can be a pain to work around compared to this.)

From a meta perspective: not as interesting I’m afraid. It is not useful to clerics/bishops due to Grimar’s existing, and it doesn’t normally work out for Lords over Seafarer’s due to the silly defence they can get already, the HP is more useful for them. For the other reds though (Mercenary, Barbarian, Samurai) it’s a minor upgrade from Gentleman’s Blade – +10 ATK and +2 DEF (try to keep your excitement contained.)


This is Golden Feather/Turkey of Plenty in action.


  • Whilst the new herbal item allows for the medicine line to be fully ascended, it’s not great
  • The Gobble Lord Helm has a ridiculous name but is best-in-slot for helm wearers, it’s a big upgrade from the previous ones.
  • Cluckthrower sounds funny and allows crossbows to fully ascend
  • Birdbane Halberd is a good craft, though not super impactful from a best-in-slot approach
  • More furniture to help convert your shop into an inn
  • Incredibly nice looking jacket, hat is a bit so-so

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 6/10

  1. I’m not advising you chase the leaderboard unless you hate money and want a not-fantastic hero, but the players that do will want to buy your legendary helmets.

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