Impackt: Thanksgiving 2022

Foolish Turkeys!
(If Kabam can recycle packs we get to recycle headlines)

Hunter Moccasins (T12 Light Footwear)
Flint Corn Bundle (T5 Meal Herbal Medicine)
Traditional Instruments/Leather Divider (Decorations)
Thanksgiving Coiffe/Moccasins (Avatar Items)


Flint Corn Bundle
(T5 Meal Herbal Medicine)
48 ATK/21 HP
Affinity: None
85 Herbs/21 Oil/21 Iron/3 Deep Pearl/2 Precious Gem

A substantial increase in health over the other options in its tier but damned if we know why it wasn’t a meal blueprint instead of a herbal medicine one. You can lower the iron cost via mastery but not completely removing it making this a bit of an awkward Tier 5 option for crafting.

Hunter Moccasins (T12 Light Footwear)
355 DEF/7% EVA
Affinity: None
Airship Power: 724
404 Leather/123 Fabric/46 Ether/1 Sigil of True Grace/8 Thread of Fate

From a crafting perspective

Although they run on the a bit on the higher side for Ether use the Hunter Moccasins are great for Dragon Invasion – they easily take the top spot for the misc armor donation slot (as evasion gives a pretty high multiplier for airship power calculation.)

The use of a component from Haunted Castle would normally be a plus but given the sheer quantity needed (and it can only be lowered to 6 via ascension) it’s one of the more expensive crafting options for your leather slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s the return of our friend the 7% value (and hey it’s evasion on a slot that makes sense again.) These are basically the default recommendation now for any shoe wearer who is under the evasion cap – it’ll also help minimise the evasion penalty in Extreme if you’re one of the weird people like Rei who run that difficulty


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Elite Pathfinder (T12 Bow)
Quillwork Carpeting/Quillwork Print (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Elite Pathfinder (T12 Bow)
780 ATK/223 DEF
Affinity: None
Airship Power: 892
379 Iron/120 Steel/35 Ether/1 Sigil of True Grace/ 4 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Much like the Power Flipper the Elite Pathfinder steers away from the standard wood/ironwood/ether setup for Bows but still maintains the signature lower resource costs (though it should be noted whilst you can drop the Ether by 10 it has been split across 2 separate ascension milestones instead of the standard combined one.)

As with the moccasins we’re looking at a more expensive than normal cost with the components and whilst it’s not a bad airship item there are better alternatives.

From a meta perspective

Elite Pathfinder has a problem in that whilst in a standalone scenario it’s a pretty solid weapon boasting a respectable attack and defence value it just happens to be outclassed in places where you’d use it – for example the rogue-type bow users would lean more towards Power Flipper as they will benefit significantly more from the critical hit chance on power compared to the defence here.

The lack of any affinity bonus on it also doesn’t really help either. That’s not to say there isn’t times where it’d be the best option (for example, a bow master/marksman Spellblade who wasn’t based around crit) but it’s not going to be seeing any real widespread use as it stands.


  • Let’s add a new food item to the game and not make it part of the food lines we just added in our latest update.
  • The Hunter Moccasins are a fantastic pair of footwear to pick up for your shoe users.
  • The Elite Pathfinder just isn’t really that elite unfortunately.
  • Equip the new avatar shoes and you too can do a great Rayman impression.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 2/10

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