Impackt: Troublin Trouble

Trying saying that 5 times really quick

Barkback’s Armor (T11 Light Armor)
Troublin Bludgeon (T6 Mace)
Troublin Plushie/Devious Trap (Decorations)
Troublin Rags/Troublin Stick (Avatar Items)


Troublin Bludgeon (T6 Mace)
220 ATK/55 DEF
101 Wood/28 Iron/26 Ironwood/1 Cudgel/4 Bronze Fang

Nothing particularly special here this time with the low tier item – we’re not exactly short of tier 6 weapon options and this is just the standard atk/def pairing :P . The precraft requirement can be removed via ascension which is nice but I wouldn’t put it as a high priority.

Barkback’s Armor (T11 Light Armor)
290 DEF/73 ATK
304 Wood/169 Herbs/88 Ironwood/1 Sigil of Grace/3 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective: following in the footsteps of the Beeswaxe we once again have another T11 item that does not use rare resources. This gives us some room to play with if we can handle the use of dual common resources/1 uncommon.

We’re also playing outside of the usual expectations for the Light Armor slot – it calls for none of the usual 3 resources (Leather, Fabric, Ether.) This can prove to be useful during King’s Caprice when he decides to roll all leather categories (though the chance was reduced it can still happen.)

If you were to fully ascend the item and master it you can significantly reduce the amount of Ironwood needed, but you cannot remove it (the current reduction on live is a bug.)

Note: Snype felt I was not enthusiastic enough about this crafting cost so here’s a partying emoji ?

From a meta perspective: it’s an interesting one this week.

I’ve touched on before in previous impackts as to why health is generally preferred as your secondary for Green-types over attack (dead heroes do no damage for example) which would lead you to think that you would stick with Cloudwalker Armor and not use Barkback’s.

However, in this scenario that is not always the case. Whilst it does not have the health of Cloudwalker it does have a significantly higher defence value – enough to offset that lack of health in some areas.

Does this straight up beat Cloudwalker? No, there’s a fair amount of scenarios where cloud still comes out on top, and if you’re already running cloud I would not rush to swap to this. If however you’re making a new Green-type it’s worth considering (especially in the case of ninja/sensei where you need the fight to end quickly.)


There is one indoor and one outside decoration.

Pictured: the guy who handles the bans in World Chat
The trap is animated, no spoilers.

Avatar Items

We have a new top and a new avatar item.

You can change the colour of the top and the sash.

As for the Troublin Stick:

Superior Pack

Forlorn Acorn (T11 Amulet)
Primitech Slingshot (T6 Crossbow)
Bushy Undergrowth/Troublin Print (Flooring/Wallpaper)


I know right I was shocked too that we had a double print pack once more.

Primitech Slingshot (T6 Crossbow)
280 ATK/70 DEF
139 Wood/33 Ironwood/4 White Sand/3 Living Root

Not a bad crossbow for your leveling heroes and provides some much welcome defence for them. Only thing of note is that the gold milestone is in the fourth spot, not the third like usual. Also reduces the cost to ascend the crossbow line fully.

Forlorn Acorn (T11 Amulet)
340 DEF/85 ATK
248 Wood/67 Ironwood/30 Ether/1 Sigil of Grace/10 Living Roots

From a crafting perspective: once more we tread into the unusual pool of crafts, though Ursa Totem did set the precedent for Wood Amulets a long time ago.With mastery and ascensions this can become a pretty cheap amulet to craft, and it (like the Barkback) will be a welcome sight in King’s Caprice. Note that it uses Ether though, wood/ether may prove tricky to pair at times.

From a meta perspective: read everything I wrote yesterday about the Barkback’s place in the meta and apply it to this amulet.


This is the Bushy Undergrowth/Troublin Print in action:


  • Troublin Bludgeon is pretty unremarkable
  • Barkback’s Armor has great crafting costs and is a good option for Green-types
  • Primitech Slingshot is decent for levelling, reduces the overall cost of ascending crossbows
  • Forlorn Acorn is a solid amulet, but take note it’s about a 50/50 split between using it or VIP Amulet.
  • If you didn’t get into the Project Troublin beta you can console yourself with a plushie
  • Or grab a stick and whack customers1

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

  1. alas it doesn’t work.

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The struggle is real. I am Cloudwalker crafter through and through and have the leather armor as an ascended tree… but do I want this armor to begin the craft to sell and switch out or not.

Great review though and helpful as always!

The lower level print does not get factored into the rating unless it’s incredibly great or incredibly awful. Whilst it might be nothing special (it’s just generic Mace X), it’s not a detrimental item (has horrible irremovable precraft for example.)

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