Impackt: True Love

Surprise pack review

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Heartcaptor’s Staff (T11 Staff)
Unwilting Rose (T7 Herbal Medicine)
Lovely Chair/Lovely Partition (Decorations)
Soulmate Tuxedo/Cherub Sneakers (Avatar Items)


Unwilting Rose (T7 Herbal Medicine)
70 ATK/27 HP
170 Herbs/43 Oil/6 White Sand/6 Moon Crystal

Given that all Herbal Medicines have dual stats there’s nothing really special here. It’s not a bad choice for when you’re levelling but it’s nothing game-changing either.

Heartcaptor’s Staff (T11 Staff)
600 ATK/150 DEF
338 Wood/98 Ironwood/31 Jewels/1 Sigil of Spark/8 Silk Scarab

From a crafting perspective

Someone please check on Kabam Jeremie and make sure he’s alright as it’s a pack blueprint that doesn’t use Precious Shell. Unusual for the Staff line in that it uses Jewels over Ether (which is nice) though runs a bit on the higher end even with ascension.

From a meta perspective

Question 1: Does your hero have Staff Master or Adept as a skill?
-If it’s Adept, go to the next question.
-If it’s Staff Master, go to question 3.
-If no, don’t use this.

Question 2: Is that hero a Spellblade/Spellknight?
-If yes, congratulations on finding the best use case for this item.
-If no, don’t use this.

Question 3: Have you considered rolling that skill off or making a new hero?
-Wands are significantly better than staffs. The only staff user that can’t use a wand was covered in question 2 (Spellblade.)
-It’s not even remotely close in power.
-I mean it looks cool? Just you might prefer the health offered by Ice Queen’s Sceptre if you’re committed to keeping Staff Master.

Superior Pack

Cupid’s Heaume (T11 Helmet)
Lovely Print/Lovely Tiles (Wallpaper/Flooring)


Cupid’s Heaume (T11 Helmet)
340 DEF/21 HP
354 Iron/103 Steel/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/3 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective

For metal crafts the Cupid’s Heaume weighs in on the very heavy side in regards to resource cost – even post-ascension you’re looking at 27 Jewels which is a lot more than expected. It’s nice that it calls for a Bleakspire mat which you can lower to 2 so that side of the cost is great but yeah expensive on the rare resource.

From a meta perspective

With its formidable defence and bonus health stats the Cupid’s Heaume makes a solid choice for your helmet-wearing friends. The only catch as such is to make sure you can take the affinity hit – Cupid’s is lacking on that front. Samurai should still keep to using the Canid’s Helm to boost their first strike power.


  • The Unwilting Rose adds yet another entry to the totally lacking Herbal Medicine with ATK/HP line.
  • Heartcaptor’s Staff suffers from the unfortunate fate of being a staff.
  • Cupid’s Heaume is a lovely addition to the helmet line, though expensive on rare resource costs.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 2/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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