Impackt: True North

Do not eat the spear!

Hooded Iggaak (T13 Rogue Hat)
Compact Snowshoes (T6 Light Footwear)
Fishing Hole/Igloo (Outdoor Decorations)
Parka/Mukluks (Avatar Items)


Because what we needed was more Tier 6 shoes. A straight upgrade from Sakura Tabi so that’s something at least.

From a crafting perspective

With the Ether reduction milestone on the mastery track we can get the cost down to 29 making the Hooded Iggaak a pretty fair crafting choice (and pairs nicely with items like the Plasma Saber.) It’s possible to ascend the Boreal Gale requirement away completely as well which is pretty cool.

From a meta perspective

The Hooded Iggaak is a fantastic option for making your rogues survive much longer – the tricky part is working around the affinity as a lot of rogues use the hat slot for an affinity-match.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Dire Kakivak (T13 Spear)
True North Wall (Wallpaper)
True North Floor (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

That’s one nasty precraft however you can ascend it away completely so that’s something. We can drop the essence count to 3 with the second ascension, though the jewel cost makes the Dire Kakivak a little unpalatable (we’ve got much better jewel options available) though if you missed them it’s not a terrible pick.

Not exactly going to be winning any DI prizes either with that airship power stat.

From a meta perspective

870 base attack is pretty low for a tier 13 weapon. The water affinity does mean Samurai can make use of this and if you rolled Spear Mastery on a hero this’ll be your best choice but outside of that it can be safely disregarded.


  • Look ma, more tier 6 shoes!
  • Make your rogues able to survive the upcoming LCoG with a fancy new hat.
  • One day spears will stop being a joke weapon line, just that day is not today.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 6/10

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