Impackt: Tsukimi

Better late than never

My time for Shop Titans related stuff is pretty limited right now so this’ll be a quick one.

Kitsune Spirit Mask (T12 Rogue Hat)
Sunset Yari (T8 Spear)
Taiko Drum/Chōchin gate (Decorations)
Hakama Pants/Hachimaki (Avatar Items)
Sunset Yari (T8 Spear)
330 ATK/10 HP
Affinity: Earth
214 Wood/57 Ironwood/8 Jewels/5 Overgrown Vine

It’s possible to ascend the jewel cost away entirely which is pretty cool. Has some use for levelling heroes as Tier 8 has limited premium item options.

Kitsune Spirit Mask (T12 Rogue Hat)
95 ATK/380 DEF
Affinity: Carbuncle
Airship Power: 532
400 Wood/115 Ironwood/34 Ether/1 Sigil of True Grace/4 Boreal Gales

From a crafting perspective

It’s a pretty fair option for wood – not quite on hotshot carbine levels but it’s not bad. The standard component reduction milestone has been replaced with a second time reduction one.

All we need is a herb T12 Rogue Hat and you can craft one for each material type at the same time.

From a meta perspective


Use it in places you were running Bunbun Masquerade but it’s not really worth swapping in over Dragonseeker Goggles. Carbuncle Affinity helps if you’re lacking on the evasion front.


Oni Rōnin Armor (T12 Heavy Armor)
Chōchin Gohei (T6 Wand)
Sliding Door/Carved Maple (Flooring/Wallpaper)
Chōchin Gohei (T6 Wand)
280 ATK/9 HP
Affinity: Earth
113 Wood/29 Ironwood/1 Baton (Common)/6 White Sand

The precraft can be removed via normal mastery meaning you don’t need to blow shards on it.

Oni Rōnin Armor (T12 Heavy Armor)
96 ATK/385 DEF
Affinity: Earth
Airship Power: 539
380 Leather/110 Fabric/37 Ether/1 Sigil of True Grace/4 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

We’ve had better options for your leather slot but it wouldn’t be a terrible choice if you missed out on them (dragonseeker, desperado for example.)

Its airship power also makes it a fine choice for Dragon Invasion (whilst it’s not the best it’s pretty high on the list and the affinity is helpful if you do enchanted gear for it.)

From a meta perspective

It’s more of a side-grade than anything. If you were running Canine Plate before then this is pretty cool. If you were running Fire Nation Armor in most cases the swap isn’t going to be worth it – you’d end up in a similar or possibly worse scenario with your hero.


  • Sunset Yari offers a new T8 option that doesn’t use rare resources once ascended.
  • Kitsune Spirit Mask looks kinda cool if nothing else.
  • Chōchin Gohei is polite and lets you remove the precraft without needing to ascend.
  • Oni Rōnin Armor is a piece of Heavy Armor.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 4/10

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