Impackt: Valentine 2023

Hoping for a scandalous love affair

Lover’s Quarrel (T12 Axe)
Cupid Robes (T8 Clothes)
Heart-shaped Bed/Living Love Letter (Decorations)
Valentine Prince Outfit/Valentine Prince Hat (Avatar Items)


A tier 8 that doesn’t use rare resources to craft is always a welcome addition, though the iron cost may make it a bit tricky to fit in (whilst most of that can be removed via ascension it’s not able to completely axe it.)

From a crafting perspective

An interesting set of mastery/ascension milestones here – the mastery track contains resource reduction for all 3 that are used for creating the Lover’s Quarrel, with the quality chance increase being moved to the ascension track instead.

The problem here is that we’ve had a lot of high-tier metal craft options recently (and by recently we mean every pack for the past 10 packs) and it just doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to picking one for your rotation – the jewel cost holds it back.

From a meta perspective

With its fire affinity the Lovers Quarrel does help out Chieftains and Berserkers – it allows them to free themselves from a vermillion piece, opening up some pretty good options for them (for example, Chieftain can run Fruity Booties now instead in their boot slot.)

Though with that being said it’s not exactly a major shift – if you were already running a loadout that used Merry Christmace we’re talking minor gains here by swapping to lovers, mainly due to the loss of Christmas affinity.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Love Declaration (T12 Spell)
Chocolate Box (T6 Dessert)
Lovely Chocolate/Heart Stacks (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Our first low-tier pack dessert addition. That’s the only thing worth noting about it.

From a crafting perspective

Much better than the Lover’s Quarrel from the mega pack – the material costs are lower and it’s possible to drop the jewel requirement below 30. Love Declaration is also the second-best option for the accessory slot in Dragon Invasion, only losing slightly to the Lost Star Chart.

From a meta perspective

Slightly better than the Lost Star Chart when it comes to keeping your spellcasters alive (not for warlocks though they should stick with star for the dark affinity.) Love Declaration will take the place as the default best-in-slot spell, though it’s a little disappointing that it didn’t get a fire affinity like the items in the mega pack did (as that would have really helped Archmages out, they are in dire need of better fire-affinity options.)


  • “Should we help archmages out?” “Nah, screw ’em.”
  • Lover’s Quarrel runs on the costly side for resource costs but does open doors for Chieftains and Berserkers.
  • Love Declaration is the new best spell.
  • Add a lot of pink to your shop with the new cosmetic options.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

3 replies on “Impackt: Valentine 2023”

The Cupid Robes aren’t a good T8 option without rare resources for me. I much prefer crafts with two 2 dungeon components. There’s already some options for that at T8: daggers, crossbows, Blue Spirit Mask (ascended) and the Strawberry Mochi dessert.

Yeah in some circumstances they can perhaps not be a great fit and the iron does risk interfering wit your metal option – it does however give you an option for leather/fabric that keeps your ether free for another item/run a craft that runs higher on that end if you can account for that.

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