Impackt: Victorian Spring

No brakes on the pack train!

Author note: With T11 items all requiring a sigil, I’ve slightly adjusted the scoring formula I use. If you’re a sucker for old times, just -3 from any score I give.

Elegant Tea Set (T4 Potion)
Elegant Rapier (T11 Sword)
Elegant Lamp/Elegant Lounge Couch (Decorations)
Elegant Fan/Elegant Spring Dress (Avatar Items)


Elegant Tea Set (T4 Potion)
22 HP/44 DEF
71 Herbs
2 Deep Pearl/3 Glow Mushroom

A nice pretty potion for your levelling heroes and adds another cheap item for ascension in the potion line.

Elegant Rapier (T11 Sword)
580 ATK/18 HP
338 Iron/98 Steel/23 Jewels
1 Sigil of Grace/3 Zirconia Eggshell

From a crafting perspective: Welcome to Tier 11! Strap in for the next 6 months as we can probably assume every pack item will require a sigil, so we’ll be looking outside of that requirement to judge an item. We can ascend to remove 7 of the jewels and 1 eggshell making this a pretty pleasant T11 metal craft.

From a meta perspective: That’s a lot of damage for a sword and a promising sign for T11 pack items if this is the trend they follow. We say farewell to Dragon Dao1in most cases – Warlord Conquistadors and Sensei’s rejoice!


Taken against a neutral background

They look very fancy, though they have no animations.

Avatar Items

We have a new top and a new avatar item.

You can change the colour of the waist part and the main dress itself.

This is the Elegant Fan in action:

Superior Pack

Elegant Top Hat (T11 Magician Hat)
Elegant Spring Tile/Elegant Spring Print (Flooring/Wallpaper)
350 Gems
75,000 Gold


Elegant Top Hat (T11 Magician Hat)
255 DEF/16 HP
338 Leather/98 Fabric/31 Ether
1 Sigil of Spark/5 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: As touched on yesterday, we can presume sigils everywhere. You can ascend the Ether down to 25 and the Deep Coral to 3, which makes it a fair craft option for T11 (by not sharing dungeon materials with the sparks.)

From a meta perspective: Goodbye Spellward Hat2! Elegant Top Hat just smokes it completely in that area, providing a significant defence upgrade for your Spellcasters. This has some potential to be around for a long time.


This is the new wallpaper/flooring in action along with the pack furniture.


  • Throw a tea party for your heroes with the Elegant Tea Set
  • Elegant Rapier is a pretty powerful sword and great for Warlord users
  • Some new furniture to make your shop look more upperclass
  • A new dress and fan to for your Victorian roleplay group
  • Elegant Top Hat comes in and dominates the magician hat category

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 4.04 Swan’s Edge’s
  2. 9.3 Swan’s Edges

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