Impackt: Water & Earth

The Avatar train continues

ATTENTION: Due to legal reasons this pack will not appear in flashbacks. You can buy it now or you’ll have to wait for the items to enter the Antique Store in 6 months.

“Snow Day”
Sokka’s Outfit (T8 Light Armor)
Sokka’s Club (T11 Mace)
Cabbage Cart/Spirit Koi Pond (Decorations)
Katara’s Outfit/Toph’s Headband (Avatar Items)


Sokka’s Outfit (T8 Light Armor)
175 DEF/11 HP
214 Leather/57 Fabric/1 Doublet/4 Chronos Crystal

Sokka’s Outfit is a pretty attractive option for your Rogue-types whilst they level – normally you’d have to wait until T10 to gain access to armour with a good health secondary. The doublet requirement can not be removed unfortunately, though hey at least it only calls for a common.

Sokka’s Club (T11 Mace)
560 ATK/18 HP
319 Wood/93 Ironwood/25 Jewels/1 Sigil of Might/4 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Unusual for a mace in that it requires jewels instead of ether, Sokka’s club is a welcome addition to the crafting line because of that – it’s a lot easier to fit into a rotation with it using the standard wood pairings. You can lower the jewel requirement to 15 with ascensions making it a pretty cheap craft as well.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot mace replacing the Gaia Maul1.

And now: choose your own adventure

Time Travel

Read the meta perspective for the Gaia Maul in this article.

An Actual Explanation

Everyone who can wear this mace already has access to similar/better weapons:

  • Soldiers, Barbarians, Mercenaries, Chieftains and Lords can use Elegant Rapier which is the same HP but more ATK.
  • Cleric, Geomancer, Bishops and Astramancers can use Moonlight Wand which has more HP and significantly more ATK.
  • Berserkers and Jarls can use the Dogbone Blaster which is more HP and waaaaaay more ATK or Shroom Doom which has the same stats but sounds cooler.

Consider this weapon is if you have Mace Mastery but outside of that it’s not looking great.

Sum It Up For Me Rei


Both decorations are animated, no spoilers here though

Superior Pack

Kyoshi Warrior Armor (T7 Heavy Armor)
Kyoshi Warrior Fan (T11 Dagger)
Ba Sing Se’s Floors/Walls (Flooring/Wallpaper)
Kyoshi Warrior Armor (T7 Heavy Armor)
160 DEF/40 ATK
170 Iron/85 Leather/4 Silk Scarab/4 White Sand

For crafting purposes the Kyoshi Warrior Armor is a respectable tier 7 – it only calls for tier 1 resources, foregoing the usual uncommon requirement. From an equipment perspective though it loses out to the Warlord Plate (another tier 7 Heavy Armor that has more defence and boosts health.)

Kyoshi Warrior Fan (T11 Dagger)
560 ATK/18 HP
319 Iron/93 Steel/1 Sigil of Grace/5 Precious Shell

From a crafting perspective

The Kyoshi Warrior Fan keeps the main trait of the dagger line and only calls for iron and steel. The ascension milestones are a bit on the lacklustre side with 2 of them being “-1 Precious Shell”. It’s a cheap craft for the metal line, just nothing really special about it.

From a meta perspective

Nightwing Bolt losing its place as the #1 dagger (2021, colourised)

I’ll be honest I was sorely tempted to just leave it at that

The Kyoshi Warrior Fan is the new best-in-slot dagger, meaning a very quick farewell to Nightwing Bolt2. It boasts more attack (an usually high value for the dagger line at 560 which brings it on par with other weapon lines in the tier3.

This means it does manage to avoid the normal problems daggers have (lack of power), however it’s not enough to change the scenario that I wrote in the Spooktober review:

Scenarios where you should consider using Nightwing Bolt Kyoshi Warrior Fan

  • You’ve rolled Warlord on a Thief/Trickster.
  • You rolled Dagger Mastery and decided you really want to keep it.

Scenarios where you should not consider using Nightwing Bolt Kyoshi Warrior Fan

  • Anything that wasn’t covered by the above 2 bullet points. It’s not going to be winning any blanket “oh wow this is amazing you should totally use it” awards because the dagger-wielding classes already possess much better options.


  • Sokka’s Outfit offers a cool option for Rogue-types when levelling though has an unremovable pre-craft.
  • Sokka’s Mace is the new best mace but doesn’t really have a place in the meta.
  • Kyoshi Warrior Armor offers a cheap t7 crafting option but pales against its compatriots in the same tier.
  • Kyoshi Warrior Fan is the new best-in-slot dagger, though it comes at the cost of replacing the dagger from 4 weeks ago.
  • Some welcome greenery for the garden with a potential food source.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 2/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

  1. 8.75 Swan’s Edges
  2. 1.20 Swan’s Edges
  3. like the mace from yesterday, given it has identical stats

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