Impackt: Wild Love

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Kodiak Helmet (T6 Helmet)
Kodiak Kleaver (T10 Axe)
Wild Nightstand/Kodiak Effigy (Decorations)
Wild Tunic/Kodiak Steps (Avatar items)


Kodiak Helmet (T6 Helmet)
130 DEF/8 HP
113 Iron/29 Steel
3 Moon Crystal/4 Elven Wood

Another helmet to add to the growing collection. It’s a safe choice for your leveling heroes and the use of Elven Wood acts as a nice love letter from the Goblin boss showing that he misses you since you moved on from Howling Woods.

Kodiak Kleaver (T10 Axe)
460 ATK/14 HP
322 Wood/93 Ironwood/29 Jewel
3 Crystal Lullaby/3 Ghastly Pennant

From a crafting perspective: That’s a pretty high jewel cost for a tier 10, and the ascension reduction only brings it down to 23. Coupled with requiring both Sunken Temple and Haunted Castle mats, this isn’t an item I’d buy for crafting – there are much better options for your Wood slot.

From a meta perspective: although this is the best axe in the game (so we say goodbye to Axe of the Fifth1) it unfortunately doesn’t make a drastic change in hero loadouts.

Whilst normally we would be happy to see health as a secondary stat on an item, most of the axe-wielding classes are Red Types which don’t really value this health as much as they do defence – it’s just too small an amount to justify taking it over other options such as the Dragon Dao or Oxen Impact.

Looking outside of Fighters, it is a pretty decent weapon for Wanderers/Pathfinders that have Warlord (if they don’t you’re better off with oxen normally) and can find use on Spellblades/Spellknights not running an evasion loadout. Basically it’s not a Staff of Merriment situation, it’s just not great either2.


There is one indoor piece and one outdoor piece in this pack.

Taken against a neutral background

It’s quite small as decorations go, but it’ll fit nicely in any bedroom-themed areas you have.

Taken against a neutral foreground

Pictured: a bear holding a heart from his latest prey.


There is a new top and a new pair of shoes for your merchant.

On the top it’s possible to change the colour of the shirt and the waist band separately. On the shoes you can change the colour of the fur.

Superior Pack

Wild Oak Rose (T10 Herbal Medicine)
Wooden Rose/Wooden Rose Garden (Wallpaper/Flooring)


Just the one blueprint this time

Wild Oak Rose (T10 Herbal Medicine)
173 ATK/29 HP
290 Wood/93 Ironwood/22 Ether
2 Bo Staff (Superior)/4 Crystal Lullaby

From a crafting perspective: With its unusual resource pairing (wood/ether in a herb line) this can be handy during King’s Caprice. However:

  • It has a precraft
  • That precraft has a quality requirement
  • You can’t ascend/master to remove the precraft, only reduce amount
  • The precraft item has a precraft

In summary: no.

From a meta perspective: the new best-in-slot herb, putting an end to the Lucky Clover3. Clover had already been showing its age when Wyrmblood Ointment was added – there are situations where you’d want one over the other, and sometimes on druids you’d want one of each. The Wild Oak Rose makes that decision easier by just being straight up better than both of them.


This is Wooden Rose and Wooden Rose Garden in action.


  • Kodiak Helmet adds to the growing list of headgear that hides hero cosmetics
  • Kodiak Kleaver has a lackluster amount of health for a T10 weapon and isn’t super useful, but still the new best axe
  • Wild Oak Rose is a new best-in-slot for Herbal Medicine but that’s some awful crafting costs
  • Smaller pieces of furniture this time
  • With the new clothing items and ones from previous packs you too can be a bear

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 3.5/10

  1. 12.25 Swan’s Edges
  2. though at 52 packs per year, not all of them are going to be winners.
  3. 14.63 Swan’s Edges! Nearly a year!

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Thks for the speed, it is possible for Kabam to tune up the damage or the hp of this axe in the future (equinox rod gives more hp)? I never saw this, so i don’t know.

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