Impackt: Winter Festivities

The snow must go on

Blizzard Armor (T4 Light Armor)
Winter’s Touch (T10 Gauntlets)
Logs Sled/Jolly Skis (Decoration)
Warm Parka/Winter Goggles (Avatar items)


Blizzard Armor (T4 Light Armor)
64 DEF/16 ATK
34 Leather/9 Iron
3 Silver Dust/4 Iron Pine Cone

Not a bad looking item and respectable for low level heroes. It does also mean we can fully ascend Light Armor now thanks to this and Mundra.

Winter’s Touch (T10 Gauntlets)
220 DEF/55 ATK
306 Iron/87 Steel/25 Jewels
4 Crystal Lullaby/4 Rustwyrm Scale

From a crafting perspective: it’s not terrible in the sense that you can ascend the Rustwyrm Scale away, but we’ve had better options for the t10 metal slot (see: Lucky Strike.) That said, it should sell pretty well on the market.

From a meta perspective: Finally! After 10,000 years 13 months the gauntlet line gets a new dual-stat item, and it’s a great one at that. This basically crushes all other gauntlets and should be used wherever possible.


There are two outdoor decorations in this pack.

Yeah looks a bit weird without snow

There’s also a new piece of eyewear and top for your merchant.

The eyewear cannot be adjusted. For the shop you can change the shoulders and the main coat.

Superior Items

Snowball Launcher (T4 Gun)
Blizzard Ring (T10 Ring)
Snowy Canopy/Fresh Snowfall (Wallpaper/Flooring)
Snowball Launcher (T4 Gun)
176 ATK/44 DEF
45 Iron/20 Wood
3 Deep Pearl

I mean their art department has really gone all out recently on these designs. Apart from looking cool and not being a bad craft, it allows for guns to be fully ascended.

Blizzard Ring (T10 Ring)
260 ATK/65 DEF
306 Iron/87 Steel/25 Jewel
1 Tide Element/3 Crystal Lullaby

From a crafting perspective: even more metal crafts! It’s a bit unorthodox having an element as a precraft, though this can be removed by just crafting the item. Not a bad choice for your metal slot but as with the gauntlets, we’ve had better recently.

From a meta perspective: I mean it looks pretty? It’s not a terrible choice but it doesn’t quite beat out Dawnflower in most scenarios – the classes that tend to use rings aren’t massive on the health front so they need the extra HP more than the DEF this ring can provide.


This is Snowy Canopy/Fresh Snowfall in action.


  • The Blizzard Armor is pretty cool and is the final piece required to fully ascend Light Armor.
  • Winter’s Touch is the long awaited answer for the gauntlet line and is a significant jump in power.
  • Snowball Launcher allows for guns to fully ascend
  • Blizzard Ring is more of a flurry and has a precraft
  • Outside decorations look weird with no snow
  • Top/eyewear look amazing.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

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