Impackt: Wonderland

We’re all mad here

Final Score

Superior Pack: 3/10
Mega Pack: 5/10


  • This impackt is as mad (crazy) as the crafting milestones.
  • Sadly, one of the most cleverly designed blueprints in the game is not an Ace in the hole.
  • Wear a mug of tea on your head while eating tiny little sandwiches and ordering beheadings.
  • View the packs with the new feature on the Official ST site Wonderland Superior Pack, Wonderland Mega Pack

Superior Pack

Queen’s Hedge (Wallpaper)
Queen’s Cards (Flooring)
Aura of Wonder (T13 Aurasong)
Teatime Snack (T13 Meal)



From a crafting perspective

Lots of Iron. Lots of Steel. Lots of Essence. Lots of Void components.

Iron and Steel can be reduced on the mirrored milestone track, and Essence can be reduced to 5 via ascension which has been pretty common lately.

With so many other Iron/Steel options it is hard to see this making its way into your crafting rotation, but hey it does give a decent chunk of Gold & Merchant XP, so perhaps that offsets the cost enough for you. Although, if you are going for Merchant XP the Dragon Sacred Gem shield from the content pass uses less Steel, is worth more XP, and only costs 1500 gems.

From a meta perspective

Aura of Wonder is the first premium Aurasong. However, don’t count on it as your trump card. While it does give a great survivability boost to your Champions via actually having a second stat (HP at that!), the aura effect provides a 3% reduction to both Quest and Rest time. Simply put, this bonus is too small to make much of a noticeable difference. For example, here is a team facing the boss of Cinderlake Volcano on Extreme (8h quest without any reductions). In the first screenshot, Lilu is using her usual Aura of Power. In the second, she has the new Aura of Wonder.

It shaves off five whole minutes.

I could maybe see it being useful for something like LCoG if you need to squeeze in as many additional runs as possible, or if your team doesn’t need the Att & Def boost from Aura of Power, but outside of extreme edge cases like this, just stick to what you have.

Nutrition Facts

Teatime Snack is not a significant source of DI power.

It is a decent craft. Teatime Snack only costs 1 type of component, which is very uncommon especially in high tier blueprints.

The blueprint has a milestone to reduce each of the resources and the component. Essence & Ether reductions are on the milestone track, and Herbs & Astral Fabric can be reduced with ascensions. Following the theme of this pack the crafting milestones have been reversed, so quality chance is first and craft time reduction comes last.

From a meta perspective

Teatime Snack, a simple classic in some countries, is little more than a sidegrade to the Crispy Roast Duck we got a few months ago. It has slightly higher Attack at the cost of a bit of Defense. If your heroes are already using that and doing fine, you can skip this. If you’re aiming to upgrade to a Meal, pick whichever is cheaper between this or the Roast Duck.

Mega Pack

Queen’s Valet Outfit/Teatime Topper (Avatar Items)
Wonderland Hedge (Outdoor Decorations)
Wonderland Shrooms (Wall Decorations)
Valet Uniform (T9 Clothes)
Queen of Hearts (T13 Bow)

Avatar Items



From a crafting perspective

Nothing groundbreaking happening with Queen of Hearts. Essence is locked in at 6 with no reductions on the inverted milestone track. Ascensions only reduce the Cinderlake components by 1 each.

Hitting the quality milestone first will help with the Collection Book as you master these blueprints, but is it worth it, when the cost is waiting till the blueprint is mastered to reach the craft time reduction milestone?

From a meta perspective

Queen of Hearts is a decent alternative to Jindai Zakura. It trades HP for Defense. If your Bow users could benefit from having additional Defense, then switch to this. Otherwise, stick to Zakura. If you’re looking to upgrade to a T13 Bow, go with whichever is cheaper.

The first Clothes item with Eva. Use it anywhere a leveling Spellcaster (or Monk / Grandmaster) might need some extra evasion.

This item is a bit niche but is interesting. It has potential on Immortal Quartet Bishops as it would allow you to use a second Evasion item in addition to Deluxe Flip-Flops – although you would absolutely want to use the simulator to see if this is an improvement before making that change.

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I guess putting the quality at the front of the milestone reward tracks and the time reduction at the back is supposed to be reflective of the topsy-turvy, nonsensical nature of Wonderland?

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