Impackt: Year of the Dragon

Not to ‘Scale’

Mega Pack

Tianlong Lance (T13 Spear)
Elixir of the Wyrm (T8 Potion)
Hanging Dragon (Wall Decorations)
Dragon Lamp (Indoor Decorations)
Dragon Bucket Hat/Dragon Sweater (Avatar Items)


About the only remarkable thing worth mentioning about Elixir of the Wyrm from either a crafting or meta perspective is that it uses a component from Aurora Caves.

From a crafting perspective

Finally a craft to use up my stockpile of Astral Fabric! It was not too long ago that we had an item with only 1 component, well here is another. That component being Astral Fabric is a mixed bag. Few premium items have required it, so they should petty cheap for a while, and your inventory may even be overflowing with them already. The downside is that you may need to start farming for Fabric if you have been ignoring that quest area.

Essence cost is another downside to the Lance. Starting at 6 it is pretty expensive, but it can be reduced to 4 via ascensions.

There are plenty of better weapons for DI.

From a meta perspective

Being a Spear automatically makes this a fairly niche option since only a handful of classes can actually use it. It’s a slight improvement over Dire Kakivak so unpromoted Knights and anybody locked into it via Spear Master can use it. That being said, those are edge cases and anybody who could use this typically has better options.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Dragonfang Fists (T13 Gauntlets)
Longest Dragon (Wallpaper)
Dragon Scales (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Crafting-wise, that’s a hefty-ish Jewel cost, and Essence can only be reduced to 5 by ascension. Plus it’s a Metal item and Plasma Saber still exists. Not awful I guess but almost every pack has had a Metal item recently.

From a meta perspective

Finally, a T13 tank gauntlet! Easily the new BiS item for all defensive Fighters.



  • Why is the last available pack during Content Passes always subpar?
  • Pop your enemies in the mouth with draconic fury.
  • If you apply the “Longest Dragon” wallpaper to your entire shop it becomes an ouroboros.
  • You try typing “Year of the Dragon” this many times and see how sane you are.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 7/10

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