Impackt: Year of the Ox

Come and see what item died this week!

Cloudwalker Chakram (T6 Dagger)
Cloudwalker Armor (T10 Light Armor)
Bamboo Saplings/Bamboo Arrangement (Decorations)
Ox Horns (Avatar Item)
Luna (Pet Skin)


Cloudwalker Chakram (T6 Dagger)
220 ATK/5% Crit
101 Iron//26 Steel
3 White Sand/3 Deep Pearl

It’s another dagger with the standard +critical chance. Reasonable craft for a Tier 6 item but it’s not going to be making any differences for leveling heroes.

Cloudwalker Armor
240 DEF/15 HP
322 Leather/93 Fabric/22 Ether
1 Ninja Garb/3 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: Pretty expensive to craft. Although it only requires a normal quality Ninja Garb, that item happens to be:
1) Tier 7
2) A champion request so it goes for pretty high value already
3) Cannot be removed by mastery or ascension

Outside of that the normal material/dungeon component costs are reasonable (you can lower the Deep Coral to 1 with ascensions) but the Ninja Garb part means this isn’t the best idea to craft.

From a meta perspective: This is the new best-in-slot for the Light Armor slot meaning we say farewell to Swan’s Garment.1 We’re seeing a continuation of a theme where slots that previously had no health options are now being provided a high tier item for their spot, and as covered in previous impackts Health will nearly always win out for Green-types over other options.

This is because of two reasons:
1) Dead heroes do nothing except inspect in the floor
2) The attack they lose swapping to a survival-based item isn’t enough that lowers their combat effectiveness. We’re trading minor damage for a big chunk of survivability.


There are 2 indoor pieces of furniture this time.

Taken against a neutral background.

On the left we have the Bamboo Arrangement, adding a splash of red and green to your shop. On the right is the Bamboo Saplings. Neither decoration has animation or special customer interactions (I mean to be fair there’s not exactly any room for that.)


First up there’s a new hat for your merchant – a pair of Ox Horns.

You can change the colour of the horns

We also have a pet skin. This is new ground for a seasonal pack – the first time a pet skin has been included. It’s for the new Ox pet and looks like this:

Superior Pack

Cloudwalker Steps (T10 Shoes)
Oxen Impact (T10 Gun)
Year of the Ox/Lunar New Year (Flooring/Wallpaper)


There are 2 blueprints this time.

Cloudwalker Steps (T10 Shoes)
220 DEF/14 HP
306 Leather/87 Fabric/25 Ether
3 Crystal Lullaby/3 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: I think it is fair to say Tamas has taken a hand in designing these recent seasonal packs, given how many leather-based items we are seeing. This is a much nicer craft than yesterday’s Cloudwalker Armor (no precraft) though it does not topple the Republic Coiffe for the leather craft slot.

From a meta perspective: with these shoes we see an end to the reign of Shoes of Style2. The same reasoning I explained with the Cloudwalker Armor also applies here – it’s a slot that previously lacked viable health options and we’re happy to trade a bit of damage off (really helpful in LCoG 12 for example.)

Oxen Impact (T10 Gun)
610 ATK/153 DEF
354 Iron/93 Steel/17 Jewel
5 Deep Coral

From a crafting perspective: the Oxen Impact definitely does live up to its name. With ascensions you can lower this to 14 Jewels, making it a very good item for your metal crafting slot (also has no weird precrafts or component requirements.)

From a meta perspective: that’s a lot of damage. A heck of a lot of damage. And it comes with a lot of defence. Basically this weapon smokes every other option for a hero if they can wield it and should be heavily considered for all of your gun wielders.

Note: although this gun means the end of Handcask ’653 in terms of best-in-slot, Handcask still remains a great option if you’re looking to gear heroes on a budget. It still defeats all other weapons, just not the Oxen.


This is the Year of the Ox/Lunar New Year in action.


  • Cloudwalker Chakram is another dagger for the collection.
  • Cloudwalker Armor is great for your heroes but has an unpleasant precraft
  • Cloudwalker Steps4is the new hot pair of shoes for your heroes.
  • Oxen Impact makes one hell of an impact.
  • You can start growing your own bamboo
  • And dress up like an Ox
  • And reskin your Ox to be more festive.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 7/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. 4.04 Swan’s Edges
  2. 11.71 Swan’s Edges!
  3. 5.83 Swan’s Edges
  4. (ctrl+c ctrl+v cloudwalker)

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There likely will be – I created a new template recently which didn’t include the superior section, i’m fixing that now sorry ^^;

First, I’m a big fan, Reiga, thaks for the great content. About the superior pack I think the Cloudwalker Steps will in meta perspective will ctrl+c ctrl+v your explanation of Cloudwalker Armor and be green BIS. For Oxen Impact is Handcasked ’65 digivolved, yeahh for me that just bought oktober superior and Republic Coiffe and Oxen Impact went out…

If I buy the bamboo items, do I get infinite ones or gold repurchases? I heard somewhere that any of these pack deco items give you ONE (1) and no more. Would like a garden room.

You only get the one unfortunately – it’s a feature I’ve longed hope for (the ability to have multiple copies of a pack decoration.)

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