Impackt: Yuletide

High tide, low tide, we all cheer for Yuletide

Tales of Yule (T13 Spell)
Holiday Ham (T8 Meal)
Yule Partition (Indoor Decoration)
Yule Mobile (Wall Decoration)
Yule Robe/Holly Crown (Avatar Items)


Reasonably good option for levelling heroes. Nothing remarkable worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

With its use of wood/oil the Tales of Yule can obtain a reasonable crafting pace as it’s not hindered by the regeneration of rare resources. Although it starts slightly above standard for essence costs the milestone to reduce it is on the mastery track and will drop it to 4.

The ascension track has the 10% multicraft node as its second ascension instead of the third – presuming you can handle the oil cost you can save yourself 100 ascension shards and only take it to 2 stars, freeing them for use elsewhere.

It’s also the best accessory for Dragon Invasion by far and with its dual-affinity it is going to take something spectacular to dislodge it from that position.

From a meta perspective

Best spell in the game right now bar none. Take this and stick it on everyone who can use spells except Spellknights – due to how the Spellknight innate works they will want to stick with Sealed Hurricane.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Yule’s Herald (T13 Staff)
Distant Birch (Wallpaper)
Chopped Birch (Flooring)


From a crafting perspective

Yule’s Herald also uses a pairing that doesn’t involve rare resources and fits perfectly when crafted alongside Tales of Yule (this doesn’t happen too often, embrace this opportunity.) A slightly higher than normal base essence which can only be reduced by 1, though fortunately that’s on the mastery track and not the ascension track.

From a meta perspective

When they released the Sceptre of Ever-Wisdom there was some concerns that any staff released in a mega pack would be in serious trouble as it’d not stand up to the book one in terms of damage.

Thankfully that has proven to not be the case, with Yule’s Herald also boasting an impressive (for a staff) 1,200 attack. It has health as its secondary instead of the defence found on the sceptre so deciding which one to use comes down to which stat your staff user is lacking the most.

A slight exception to that rule for druids – with its earth affinity this will always be better to run over the sceptre for them.


  • Yule’ll be sick of these puns soon.
  • A new best-in-slot staff and spell which blend perfectly for crafting.
  • And you can use the wood leftover from all the trees that were chopped to create those items as a new flooring.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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Argh. It’s so tempting to buy the packs now to boost my contribution in the current Dragon Invasion, but then I won’t have a pack available to get 500 points when the Content Pass starts…

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