Introducing STC-Hub

Because spreadsheets couldn’t handle the truth

When I started creating content for Shop Titans I naturally chose the communities most familiar medium, the all mighty spreadsheet. Knowing that Shop Titans has a global player base I focused on building content that incorporated images from the games Official Fan Kit, so that my content would be valuable to more of the player base. Even if you cannot read English, the pictures should hopefully provide enough context for the information to be valuable.

While this was a big step in the right direction we have seen a few limitations with these image heavy spreadsheets.

  • They can take quite some time to load, and do not always load all the images.
  • Text, like blueprint names, cannot be translated despite those translations being available.
  • Spreadsheets force the data into a grid layout that is not always optimal for the information being presented.

I created STC-Hub to help alleviate these limitations. While it is still a work in progress, I have quite a few plans for what we can show.


This layout for blueprints will replace the blueprint image on STC Impackt reviews. STC Hub will also host an Impackt post with all the blueprints from each pack going forward. These posts will also provide the data translated in each of the languages supported by the game.


I am also working on some layouts for heroes which may replace the spreadsheets embedded on the Hypermax, and Tl;DR pages.

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