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Kabam Cross Connect Guide

Linking your account progress across platforms

Step 1: Launch Shop Titans on whatever platform your main account is on

Step 2: Open the settings menu and click on Kabam Cross-Connect

Step 3: Enter the email address you’d like the account to be linked to

Step 4: A verification code will be sent to that email – open your email, find it and enter it.

Step 5: Choose a username (this can be whatever you want but as it states don’t use your actual name.)

Step 6: You should get a message stating it was successful.

Step 7: Now you have your account created, log into Shop Titans on the platform you wish to link to (so for example, Epic) and press on “already have an account?”

Note: if you already created a character by accident, you can click the Kabam cross-connect button in the settings menu on your new platform.,

Step 8: In the login box enter the email address you used earlier.

Step 9: It will email a verification code to that address, enter it into the box.

Step 10: It will ask you if you wish to connect your account to the new platform – make sure it’s displaying the correct username in the box before clicking yes (if it’s not, re-read this guide as you likely did a step out of order.)

Step 11: You’ll get a message stating you’re connected. That’s it, you’re done, all set up and good to play.

Help it says failed to link account

If you see that error message just keep retrying the last steps – the server sometimes can be a bit busy/upset.

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I have been playing Shop Titans for several months on an Epic account. I wanted to play on Shop Titans on a Steam account with cross connect. I accidently started a new one and added the new one to cross connect. How do I add the Epic account to cross connect and delete the new game that I started on steam?

I’m having the same issue with the Windows Store version. It keeps telling me that my account failed to connect no matter how many times I try.

Solution, if it doesnt work, create a fake character and later click settings Kabam cross connect, that worked for me.
I tried it many times in the first display screen, where do you need to create a character first and click “already have an account” seems not working.

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