Lost City of Gold remains lost!

Royal Archaeology Society clueless, King Reinhold furious

In what should have been a standard trip to the fabled lost city, adventurers today were surprised to learn that unusually, the city had not been found again since it was last hidden.

King Reinhold moments ago briefed the populace as normal under the belief that his archaeologists had found it again and appears to have been unaware of this sudden change from normality. A source at the palace sent me this information:

I took to the streets to interview some of the disappointed adventurers. One lady who calls herself Faeryl had this to say:

“I rely on the gold from the Lost City to help fund some of the orphanages in the city. There are going to be poor children suffering soon due to this mistake, I hope King Reinhold finds whoever is responsible and holds them to account!”

Her feelings on the matter are in common with a lot of the people I interviewed today. I only hope that they are able to find this city again soon – there is rumor of a magic ritual being attempted called rejedet to find it again.

Keeping you in the know.


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