Lunar New Year (Ox)

This is a blog post which catalogues everything that was included during the Lunar New Year 2021 event.
The event started on 11/02/2021 and will end on 21/02/2021

Lunar Calendar

To start off the Lunar New Year event, the Calendar appeared in our shops.
It lasted 7 days and each day gave an increased amount of gems.

  • Day 1: 25 Gems
  • Day 2: 50 Gems
  • Day 3: 75 Gems
  • Day 4: 100 Gems
  • Day 5: 125 Gems
  • Day 6: 150 Gems
  • Day 7: 200 Gems
  • Total: 725 Gems

The City Screen

The event also changed the city to have a lunar new year theme. Lions and lanterns, Gongs and fireworks are scattered throughout the city1.

Smelter (Left), Town Hall (Centre) and Ironwood Sawmill (Right)

Tamas and Ismael got some new friends, and Tamas is ready to light up the entire sky.

Lunar New Year Collection 2021

Along came the Lunar Collection which gave us the option to buy wallpapers, flooring, decorations and clothing for our avatar.

Wallpaper and Flooring


Interior Decorations:
  • Lunar Screen
  • Lunar Tea Set
  • Lunar Chair
  • Lunar Gong
Exterior Decorations:
  • Lunar Lantern A
  • Lunar Lantern B
  • Lantern Set A
  • Lantern Set B

Animated Exterior Decorations:
  • Purple Dancing Lion
  • Blue Dancing Lion
  • Red Dancing Lion
  • Yellow Dancing Lion
  • New Year’s Fireworks

The Dancing Lions have a constant dancing animation.
The New Year’s Fireworks constantly shoots out fireworks that explode into sparkles.

Avatar Items

Here are the colour options for each avatar item available during the Lunar New Year event:

Lunar Shirt (Top) Can change both the colour of the top itself as well as the accent colour independently.

Lunar Pants (Bottom) Only one colour option for this meaning you can’t change the yellow/gold at the bottom.

Lunar Hat (Hat) Only one colour option for this too, meaning you can only change the red colour on the hat, the extra bit on the top of the hat changes colour along with the rest but the yellow/gold remains.

Lunar Shoes (Footgear) Only one colour option again, the yellow/gold accent can be changed but the majority of the shoes remain black.

Lunar Gifts (Mobile Exclusive)

Two gifts were given out to players who played on the Android and IOS platforms for the game.

Lucky Coin Ox:
This exterior decoration was given out to IOS users.
Players received it in their mail when they logged into the game on the IOS Platform.

Fortune Ox:
This exterior decoration was given out to Android users.
Players received it in their mail when they logged into the game on the Android Platform.

Unfortunately, players who only play the game using the Steam platform didn’t receive either statue in their mail.
You can get both statues if you have your account linked to both an Android and IOS device and logged into the game during the event.

Year of the Ox Mega/Superior Packs

This is a link to the Impackt that Reiga did regarding the mega and superior packs that came out alongside the event.

  1. Although complaints were raised in regards to the city screen being Year of the Rat themed rather than Year of the Ox, since they reused last years city theme.

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