Newbie Corner pt 3: Road to Endgame

Part 3: To 53 and Beyond

Merchant level 53 is a big milestone, so first off – congratulations on getting there! It might not seem that important – 53 is kind of a weird number and you don’t unlock any new Slots at this point. What’s the big deal?

Level 53 is so important because it allows you to hire T6 classes (Berserker, Dancer, Geomancer) with gold. This by itself is an absolutely enormous upside and is big enough to be a major turning point. We’ll touch on this in a minute, but first I want to talk about premium content.

Buying Stuff (With Cash)

If you’ve been playing Shop Titans for long enough to hit this point, you probably like it enough to start thinking about throwing some money at it. If you do, that’s great! If you don’t want to put money into the game (or simply can’t afford it), that’s OK too! ST is one of the more F2P friendly games on the app store. Please feel free to skip ahead to the next heading if you’re not interested in premium content.

If you want to start spending some actual money on ST, there are three primary things to consider: premium workers, the Royal Merchant subscription, and premium blueprints.


“Which worker should I buy first?” is a question that gets thrown around a lot, and for good reason. You’re likely to get a slightly different answer from everyone you ask. This is because they’re all very good and most of them are pretty even in relative utility. It generally comes down to which traits are the most valuable to YOU specifically. Here are the major draws for all of them.

The Wise Scholar+25% Merchant XPRunestones and WandsEvelyn's Wand350
The Crafty Engineer-50% Item Break ChanceGuns and CrossbowsRoxanne's Hat500
Mundra, The Moon DragonPermanent access to Full Moon fusions.Moonstones and Mundra's Item LineMundra's Moonstone Crown150
Yolanda the Summoner+5% success rate with small talkCloaks and FamiliarsSummoner Hair500
Kaipo the BakerKing Reinhold will purchase a second item when he visits.DessertsBaker Apron350
Yohan the BardUpgrade 2 different furniture at the same time.Instruments and AurasongsYohan's Hat350
  • Evelynn the Scholar lets you craft Wands (another great weapon type) and Runestones so you can more easily make your own enchantments. Her passive benefit of increased EXP can help you catch up your Merchant level.
  • Roxanne the Engineer is a strong choice. Her Crossbows and Guns are both very powerful weapon types and her passive ability to reduce gear breaks is hugely valuable.
  • Mundra the Moon Dragon is interesting because most of her power is tied to her passive ability. The Mundra item line spans several different item types and usually isn’t that great for normal hero usage. However, the ability to perform Full Moon Fusions any time you like is fantastic. Mundra also provides a bonus to FMF speed during the actual Full Moon.
  • Yolanda the Summoner allows you to craft Familiars and Cloaks. Familiars are very useful for Champions but Cloaks tend to be a bit lackluster for hero equipment. Her passive ability increases you chance of a successful Small Talk from 75% to 80%. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s VERY big.
  • Kaipo the Baker is definitely the weakest of the premium workers. His Desserts tend to overlap with Meals and his passive ability of selling two items to King Reinhold is nice but underwhelming.
  • Yohan the Bard is the most recent premium worker. The Instruments and Aurasongs he allows you to craft are both very powerful, and his ability to upgrade two furniture items at once is extremely potent early one. There’s a strong argument for him being the best worker to get early solely due to his passive benefit.
    • Note that Yohan’s passive effect specifically is much less valuable if you’re pretty far into the game when you get him. At a certain point, you’ll need to use Dragonmarks to upgrade all your furniture. At that point, Yohan’s ability to upgrade two things at once isn’t really useful any longer because DMs are your bottleneck, not time.

Royal Merchant

Next, we’ll talk about is the Royal Merchant subscription. For ~$10 USD per month (cost will vary a little depending on your platform, bundle, and currency conversion rate), you get a number of benefits.

The biggest one by far is the ability to repair your heroes’ gear with gold. This sounds like a small thing but it’s huge. Your heroes will break their gear as they quest and you’ve probably had to make the choice between using a repair kit or letting the item go. With RM, this is no longer a problem.

The second major one is that you get extra rewards from all kinds of places. Ascension / event reward tracks, opening chests, quests, etc. These add up and it’s very likely you’ve had to give up on a nice quest reward because it happened to land in the RM slot.

Premium Blueprints

Every two weeks, a new set of blueprints are released for purchase. These are usually themed to whatever seasonal event happens to be going on, but they can also be more interesting or unique themes.

Generally speaking though, these aren’t really worth picking up for a while. If you haven’t unlocked any baseline crafted T9 items with Research Scrolls, then you will see lower tier offers. If you have researched a T9 or higher item, then you will see the full pack which usually includes one item of the current highest tier and one mid-tier blueprint (usually T6-8 or so). These might seem very tempting, but it’s usually recommended to stay away from them.

The biggest reason is that you’re not likely to be able to craft these right away. Your workers and resource count is usually going to be way too low so any premium BPs are going to gather dust for a while. Additionally, premium blueprints can be acquired later in the Antique Store during King’s Caprice events.

Roster Improvements

As previously hinted at, Level 53 (or slightly beyond it) is the point where most people will start to take their roster more seriously. Whether you’re following our Sample Roster or not, it’s highly recommended to fire your three weakest heroes (Don’t judge by their Power stat!) and replace them with one of each T6 class. If you’re not using the Argon’s Finest talent in the Questing tree, then please check out our Retire, Rehire, and You guide to get these new heroes rolling.

The T6 classes are obscenely strong and arguably the best classes in the game. They can put in some serious work even with minimal skill investment. This is great because you don’t need to go too crazy fishing for good skills. Even a halfway decent T6 class is usually a huge step up from anything you’re likely to have. Aim for these targets as their first two skills and you’ll be fine.

  • Dancer: Pick two of Evasion, CD, Attack, and Weapon skill. As long as it has any of these stats on it, you’re fine. Even options that are strictly suboptimal like Perforate & Dagger Master will work because they’re the RIGHT skills. Use an Instrument unless you get a different weapon skill.
  • Geomancer: Two skills with Attack, two same-type weapon skills, or one Attack skill and one weapon skill. A CHC skill can be substituted for one of the Attack skills. Use a Wand unless they get a weapon skill for something else.
  • Berserker: Throw a dart. Berserkers are a strong enough class innately that they can make basically anything work. As long as their first two skills aren’t absolute trash, they’ll be fine.

This is also the point where you’ll want to start planning for elemental barriers. Elemental barriers are a mechanic you may have seen before. They reduce damage dealt to the quest monster by a whopping 80% unless you have enough matching Element power on your team. This is the Element stat on your heroes that increases the level and strength of their skills. For more detail on elemental barriers, please check out this Reddit comment by me.

After you get one decent Berserker, Dancer, and Geomancer, it’s a good idea to work on your elemental coverage overall. If you’re following our Sample Roster, you’ll end up with three heroes per element each which is a phenomenal starting point. If you’re not following our sample roster, aim to have two good heroes for each element and ideally have them be different classes. This gives you strong class diversity and that flexibility allows you to tackle content more easily since you have more options. Once you have two good heroes per element, grab a third!


This is also a great time to look over your heroes’ gear. You definitely don’t need to go too crazy with upgrading everything across the board, but a few smart changes will go a VERY long way. In general, stick to these three main rules:

  • Weapons on your attackers and Spells on your Spellcasters should be the highest tier you can give them and Superior or higher quality.
  • Everything else should be no lower than two tiers below the max. Normal quality is fine.
  • All items should be enchanted with T9 Elements and spirits. Use Mammoth on your Fighters, Lion on your Rogues, and Bear on your Spellcasters
    • If you’re pre-Merchant level 53 but reading ahead here, T7 Elements are fine. You’ll probably have to dip to T4 Spirits – most of the T7 ones are pretty awful aside from Lizard for Rogue classes.

If you’re interested in a more detailed explanation, please check out our Min-Maxing Gear guide.

Talent Specialization

You’ll also start getting enough talent points that you can start to really specialize in any of the trees. Ilod over on the STC Discord server has created a fantastic talent tree simulator. In addition to being a great tool overall, there are a bunch of sample / starter setups to give you some ideas on where to go.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, thank you very much for taking the time to read this. It means a lot to all of us at ST Central that you’re taking the time to try and learn and improve for yourself.

From here, you should have a strong handle on things. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll make forward progress. Happy merchanting, Shopkeeper!

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