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No bins, no problem!

The newest strategy sweeping the kingdom! It’s not brand new, it’s just newly popular, and that is good enough for me.

What is it Lat?!

In short, you eliminate all your resource bins and trunks (except 1), and replace them with racks. This tips your max energy capacity and potential into amazing new realms of possibilities!

That sounds weird… Why would I want to do that?

I spend a lot of time crunching numbers, and have a fairly decent grasp on what makes an item profitable to craft. I crafted the optimal combination for months, constantly improving where I could, and spending lots and lots of hours managing my craft queue.

End result, as of the state of crafting right now (Jun 15th 2020), an optimal crafting rotation is going to net you 18m+ an hour in profit. The ‘+’ denotes multicraft and quality procs that you may benefit from. Assuming you multicraft and quality proc at the best known percentages for each, your profit looks more like 25m an hour.

I have been testing and living the no bin shop for almost a month now, exclusively buying from the market to sell in my shop, supplemented by quest rewards, and the results on average are 70% better than I was doing with crafting.

On a bad day I make 300m in profits, and on a good day I make 750m. On events that lower market prices, such as LCOG, I can easily pull 1g in profits.

Interested yet?

Ok yeah yeah that sounds fancy, but…

Good old fashioned ridiculous pre-reqs:

  • 4200+ Max Energy
  • Every single one of your items needs to have been crafted enough to reach the x1.25 gold value milestone
  • A hero roster capable of efficient Chronos or Castle farming

The maximum energy requirement is set at 4200+ because at 4200 energy you can small talk and surcharge the same customer from 0 energy, on most T7 items. This is the single biggest requirement, as T7 is essentially always profitable to buy from the market and surcharge in your shop.

You need the value increase milestone on all items because you will be surcharging literally everything, and more money = good.

The hero roster comes into play heavily by giving you “free” margin every quest return, but I will dive into this further down in the post.

Listen, this isn’t your get rich quick overnight noob to tycoon idea. This is a method for the rich to get richer, and we all just have to come to terms with that.

The Foundation

In the requirements I mentioned 4200 energy because that is when you can 1 button surcharge some T7s. Let me explain what that means to start!

A ‘1 button surcharge’ means you can have 0 current energy, tap small talk on a customer asking for your item, and receive enough energy from the success to surcharge that same customer. The item is it’s own fodder!

Obviously you can 1 button surcharge tiers before T7, with lower energy values, but sadly the margin on those items are absolutely terrible, and do not beat a crafting combo in efficiency.

T7s however, are generally always profitable when bought from the market, and often times with excellent margins! We are talking 50-100k per purchase!

Anyway, back to the 4200 energy thing. At that value, you can 1 button surcharge 15 T7s (figure these out on your own!), even without the surcharge reduction milestone from ascension, and the quantity just goes up from there the more max energy you obtain.

The foundation is having a plethora of 1 button surcharge items that you constantly churn for profit from every single sale

You no longer have ‘fodder’, and you no longer ever push the discount button!

“But Lat, how do you surcharge T9 then?”

As you churn through your 1 buttons, you will build residual floating energy totals, because every item does not zero out your energy. The items you should target as your 1 buttons are ones that will give you a net energy gain upon surcharging. As this floating energy reaches a value where a small talk on a T9 item will result in having the energy required to surcharge, do it!

What does the process look like?

If you are following along at home, you have 4200+ max energy, a store stocked with 1 button surcharge targets, and a smattering of bigger ticket T9s, but now what?

Sell em’ of course!

Customer’s are now your only bottleneck, so make every single one count! Here are the methods I am currently utlizing:

  • If you have energy to surcharge, push surcharge before the small talk, and sell the item regardless of success
  • If you do not have the energy to surcharge, and the customer is asking for a 1 button, push small talk, then surcharge and sell if successful, and refuse if not.
  • If you do not have the energy to surcharge, and the customer is asking for an item you cannot 1 button, do some quick mental math on your current energy compared to max energy and surcharge cost of the item. If a successful small talk would leave you with enough energy to surcharge, attempt it! If not, swap customers until it would, or small talk and suggest a different item.
  • If a customer comes in asking for an item you do not have, small talk and suggest upon success, refuse upon backfire.
  • When a customer comes in to sell you an item, small talk first, push the pay more option, and sell the item.

In addition to running your shop – ALWAYS. BE. UPGRADING.

You want more energy, and you should always be upgrading a rack. This strategy lives and breathes maximum energy!

Building upon the foundation

Your basic margin machine is churning and you are feeling the power of surcharging every damn thing in your shop, but you want more! There must be more gold to earn out there right?!

Yes, yes there is!

Remember we aren’t crafting, so what do we no longer need to hold onto? Materials.

Sell them all, sell them fast, and sell them hard. The bankroll that selling quest materials yield is fantastic, and it is direct margin to the bottom line!

This is 1 reason why an efficient roster of heroes is required. If your roster can solo or duo all your quest slots, all day, on Chronos or Castle Hard, you will pull upwards of 15m profits per hour in quest materials alone!

The other reason is that quests drop equipment, and equipment means gold. You can snag T9 in Castle quite often, making each quest run potentially worth 10s of millions!

Utilizing Gems

Priority #1 is rushing furniture upgrades for more energy!

If you have a comfortable supply to rush your next few upgrades, then you should flip your focus to the market!

Look for deals where you can buy an item for gems, sell it in your store, and then flip that gold back into gems at a better ratio. For example:

  • Item worth 400k is on the market for 2 gems
  • Buy that item for 2 gems and surcharge in your store for 800k
  • You just converted at a rate of 400k per gem
  • Now take that 800k and buy any item on the market that you can resell for gems at a lower rate than 400k per gem
Further Improvements

Other smaller tricks to maximize the returns of this strategy:

  • Store all your trunks except for 1. You cannot store the last trunk sadly. Pull out more racks to replace them.
  • Optimize your quests with Polonia. She can steal up to 20 items a quest, and when sent to Castle, this often results in 20 more T9s. Create endurance teams that can carry polonia for 50 or more rounds before winning.
  • Stop hoarding items for LCOG, use feathers/stamina/bugles and reap the profits.
Closing Notes

I have been using this method for the past month, and I am completely in love. I do not think I could ever go back to focusing on crafting. This is honestly a sad spot for me because I am assuming this method will soon be thwarted, and I am not sure I am interested in managing timers again.

That said, I am going to attempt to utilize this method here on out, because it is not only profitable as all hell, but I am having LOADS of fun again!

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