Plundering with Polonia

A Simplified Perspective by Tyco
(Revised Apr 30, 2024)

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Maximizing Polonia’s Innate

The times they are a-changin’

The value of Polonia’s innate skills have evolved a lot over the years. Here we aim to take a clean slate view on how, and when, to optimize her use, with or without tricksters, in as simple a way as possible.

The table below summarizes where there is value to be derived from Polonia’s innate.

Player surcharge
We be Lootin’
Typical dungeons
for questing
Steal slot dropsValue of Polonia’s
steal slot
Value of Polonia’s
non-steal slots
Are dedicated
T11 and underWith or withoutPeak and underMaxed at T11Surcharge profitSurcharge profitYes
T12WithPeak, VolcanoCapped at T12Surcharge profitSurcharge profitYes
T12WithoutVolcano, VoidCapped at T11Discount fodderSurcharge profitNo
T13 and overWith or withoutVoid, ElysiumCapped at T11/12Discount fodderSurcharge profitNo
**Steal slot IS buffed by tricksters****Non-steal slots are NOT buffed by tricksters**

As illustrated here, surcharging T12 is basically the end of the road for Polonia’s steals being a key source of your shop’s income, and that’s with the the “We be lootin’” talent activated. Otherwise, the steals, and profit potential, cap at T11.

Polonia’s steals are buffed by tricksters whilst her non-steal buffs are not. Consider if and when it makes sense to create tricksters dedicated to Polonia quests.

Because tricksters only buff Polonia’s steal slot, this is also the final point at which running a dedicated trickster team with Polonia is doing anything other than bringing home additional discount fodder.

Recommendations for Building Tricksters

If you’ve decided to build a dedicated trickster for Polonia, my suggestion is to keep it versatile and use the sim. Because there is a finite lifespan for your trickster’s ability to buff Polonia’s steals you might as well go ahead and make a good overall hero that can also maximize those buffs.

Ress’s Hero and Quest Simulator is your best friend when working out different skill and gear combinations for your team.

Be aware that you may end up retiring all or some of your Polonia tricksters once you’ve progressed into the later dungeons and are no longer profiting significantly from her steals. While retiring a hero that has been promoted with a titan soul may seem like a waste, there will be a point that you have more titan souls than heroes to promote.


Here are my recommendations:

  • Don’t build around rest-time reduction skills as it will limit their overall effectiveness as heroes
  • Generally focus on skills that buff attack, defence, and/or evasion, while
  • It is usually helpful to include a weapon skill if intending to quest in the more difficult dungeons (although note that thieves/tricksters have a limited built-in weapon skill as part of their innate, so they can get by without it)
  • It’s best to avoid a) crit-based skills and b) exclusively stacking survivability as these will also limit the overall effectiveness of your hero

Some of the best skills include:

And these are also good skills:

As with all heroes, remember that some skills will work better, or synergize, with a subset of other specific skills. It is always helpful to check the sim to evaluate performance of a specific combination of skills.


To maximize the items Polonia steals, battles need to be just long enough to ensure drops hit the steal slot cap, but not so long that you end up with millions of gold in repair costs and a passed out champ on your hands.

Every turn, Polonia and her party have a chance to steal one item. The chance is based on the rank of Polonia’s leaderskill. Each Trickster in the party increases the chance of this specific effect triggering by 3% and increase the number of items that can be stolen by 2. Polonia with a rank 4 leaderskill plus three Tricksters gives a 56% chance (50% base, 2% extra for each Trickster) to steal an item every round, up to a max of 26 items.

Here are a few considerations for when you are gearing up your tricksters:

  • The longer Polonia battles will lead to more gear breaks; do not over-gear your tricksters. Use the sim to see how cheap you can go without sacrificing the survival of your party
  • If your battles are going too fast to cap the steal slot, equip your tricksters with weaker weapons; the sim can also help you tweak weapon selection accordingly
  • If the battles are just long enough to cap the steal but Polonia is biting the dust too often, try using mammoth spirits to add threat to your tricksters and take some of the heat off of her

And there you have it; all you need to know about making the most of Polonia and tricksters.

Happy questing!

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mammoth trick is makes sense. i thought making a tank trickster with fully mammoth spirits and others are damager tricksters.

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