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Polonia’s Loot Buff

Exploring a little known mechanic and why she’s invaluable in Tower of Terror

Today we’re taking a quick look at the part of Polonia’s skill that not many players know about and that is her ability to raise the level of loot that drops in a quest. First, a brief history lesson:

Sia originally had a slightly different ability. Although she still boosted component drops she also boosted the stacks of items that drop as well.

In Update 3.4 (the same time tier 9 released) this ability was taken1 by Polonia as it was more fitting for a pirate to identify treasure.

So what exactly do we mean by raise the level of loot?

Every item in the game has, alongside its tier value, a level value as well (this value is hidden and not viewable in-game.) These values are used by the game to populate loot tables, determine what a customer can buy based on their level and so on.

Polonia’s ability (apart from the stealing bit) affects these level values by raising both their minimum and maximum values when it comes to quest loot drops – the raising of these values can mean a quest will drop a tier of loot above what it should normally give.

For example (and the best place to use Polonia by far) let’s look at Tower of Terror with and without Polonia. Tower of Terror by default can only drop Tier 13, nothing higher or lower (which is also why it’s great to run Reinhold here as he’ll steal T13 premium/chest items.)

Without Polonia (obv :D)

If we use Polonia who is at least rank 11 however all items that drop (not including her steal slot as this is unaffected by her buff ability) will instead be T14 – she manages to increase the level value of the quest to a point where there are no valid targets for T13 and so it only drops T14.

With Polonia

Note that I mention rank 11 there – the rank of Polonia’s ability affects how strong her modifying of the loot table part is. At rank 7 she has a chance to raise it to T14 but there’s still some T13 in the item range.

How are you meant to know this from the game alone and not reading about it? Well, either:

  1. You were playing when the changeover happened so you remember from back then or
  2. You play detective and try to interpret it from Polonia’s ability text by determining that’s what super valuable means.

This effect applies everywhere you can send her – flash quests, LCoG, dungeons etc etc. Send her to Elysium and you can make T14 drop without needing to meet a boss or miniboss (not a guaranteed chance but reasonably high.) Note also that tricksters have absolutely zero interaction with this part, you can send anything with her and get the same odds.

And now you know2 Go forth and become rich by running every floor in Terror with Polonia!

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  1. plundered, if you will
  2. and knowing’s half the battle!

6 replies on “Polonia’s Loot Buff”

I noticed the classes in your screenshot with Polonia There were no thieves, I was expecting all 3 to be thieves. Are you suggesting this method no longer requires the addition of thieves to obtain the best reward ?

Correct – this part of her ability does not require tricksters or thieves or anything like that.

Thanks Reiga, just started floor 29 on Terror and have been using Polonia most of the way and can confirm the T14 rewards – nice and shiny ones ;)

Yeah her in-game text really should make it clearer than just the vague wording we get at the moment.

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