Premium Package History

A list of the various packs offered in the history of Shop Titans

King Packages

One time offers from the King himself! Also known as ‘Starter Packs’, these only appear for new accounts at various thresholds of progress.

A Royal Welcome!KunaiBeckoning Cat250Up to 4
craft slots
Up to 3
quest slots
The King's Encore!Apprentice TiaraNone350Up to 6
craft slots
Up to 4
quest slots
Up to 3
market slots
Return of the KingApprentice StaffNone350Variable based
on player progress
Reinhold's Finest!Companion Axe
None350Variable based
on player progress

Worker Packages

Extra Premium Workers. These workers will appear in your shop after some playtime and offer their packs. These never expire and will sit until purchased.

The Wise Scholar+25% Merchant XPRunestones and WandsEvelyn's Wand350
The Crafty Engineer-50% Item Break ChanceGuns and CrossbowsRoxanne's Hat500
Mundra, The Moon DragonPermanent access to Full Moon fusions.Moonstones and Mundra's Item LineMundra's Moonstone Crown150
Yolanda the Summoner+5% success rate with small talkCloaks and FamiliarsSummoner Hair500
Kaipo the BakerKing Reinhold will purchase a second item when he visits.DessertsBaker Apron350
Yohan the BardUpgrade 2 different furniture at the same time.Instruments and AurasongsYohan's Hat350

Platform Exclusive Packages

Offers only available on iOS or Android, and completely mutually exclusive! Lilu (iOS) or Sia (Android), will arrive in your shop a few days after you start playing to offer their packs.

Lilu PackiOSOwl Perch50 Lilu Coins20 Ascension Shards
5 Wooden Keys
5 Wooden Chests
5 Mega Loot Bugles
5 Mega XP Boosts
Sia PackAndroidGrand Harp50 Sia Coins20 Ascension Shards
5 Wooden Keys
5 Wooden Chests
5 Mega Loot Bugles
5 Mega XP Boosts

Blueprint Packs

These are the normal, routinely released blueprint packs. Obtainable when they are released, and then again in potential “Flashback” sales. If there is a pack review available for them the icon can be tapped/clicked to take you to it.

Freedom Pack2019/07/04Liberty Mace
Eagle Helm
Firework Bundle
Firework Cannon
Sam's Hat
250 Gems
Augustus Pack2019/07/30Legionnaire Sandals
Imperial Scutum
Gladiator Helm
Emperor's Bust
Emperor Laurels
250 Gems
Explorer Pack2019/08/13Explorer's Axe
Explorer's Outfit
Summoner Hat
Explorer's Tent
250 Gems
Back to School Pack2019/08/27Science Project
Tome of Knowledge
Magical Timepiece
Mystic Tome
Graduation Cap
250 Gems
Hero Pack2019/09/10Hero's Boots
Hero's Sword
Ring of the Chosen
Save Point
Retro Blade
250 Gems
Harvest Season Pack2019/09/24Sturdy Pitchfork
Bountiful Harvest
Harvester's Hood
Farmer Outfit
250 Gems
Oktoberfest Pack2019/10/11Zweihander
Landsknecht Gauntlets
Landsknecht Plate
Keg Barrel
Schlappe Cap
250 Gems
Halloween Pack2019/10/28Pumpkin Gauntlets
Pumpkin Armor
Stygian Brew *or* Malevolent Brew (platform dependent)
Sentient Hat
250 Gems
Thanksgiving Pack2019/11/19Patchleather Bracers
Staff of Seasons
Gourd Elixir
Straw Shirt
250 Gems
Holiday Pack2019/12/09Magical Mistletoe
Naughty or Nice List
Peppermint Mallet
Gingerbread House
Candy Cane
250 Gems
Champions Clash Pack2019/12/27Champion Vigil
Assassin Tanto
Valiant Banner
Oni Shrine
Knight Sword
Ninja Headband
Lunar New Year Pack2020/01/22Warlord Halberd
Warlord Plate
Warlord Helmet
Rat Balloons
New Year Sparkler
250 Gems
Valentine's Day Pack2020/02/07Ring of Passion
Lovely Hat
Cupid Bow
Music Box
Lovely Beret
250 Gems
St. Patrick's Day Pack2020/03/10Lucky Medallion
Milesian Shield
Pot of Gold
Pile of Gold
Leprechaun Top Hat
St. Patrick's Dress
Spring Festivities Pack2020/03/24Perennial Sandals
Dawnflower Ring
Flower Crown
Spring Bouquet
Flowery Arch
Flowery Fence
Easter Mega Pack2020/04/07Ostara Gloves
Ostara Vest
Easter Basket
Chocolate Bunny
Bunny Cap
Chick Vest
Champion Clash Mega Pack2020/04/21Old Salt's Brew
Ursa Totem
Bear Statue
Hat of the Nine Seas
Elder Bear Coiffe
Cinco De Mayo Mega Pack2020/05/05Ring of Rhythm
Axe of The Fifth
Dancing Cactus
Singing Cactus
Summertime Mega Pack2020/05/19Inflatable Maul
Zesty Scepter
Kiddy Pool
Lemonade Stand
Sunny Floater
Pistol Mk. 1
Victorian Mega Pack2020/06/02Correspondence
Gentleman Blade
Tiny Ben
Lavish Bed
Dapper Top Hat
Dapper Pocketwatch
Humble Beginnings Pack2020/06/18Tailor Mantle
Wallace Mallet
Wallace's Anvil
Julia's First Loom
Wallace's Favourite Hammer
Julia's Summer Hat
4th of July Mega Pack2020/06/30Medal of Honor
Star-Spangled Plate
Starred Flag
Liberty Effigy
Light of Liberty
Coiffe of Liberty
Worker Duo Mega Pack2020/07/14Fragrant Bouquet
Hoartooth Lance
Bela Carnivora
Allan's Workbench
Sylvan Headdress
Allan's Backscratcher
Augustus II Mega Pack2020/07/28Centurion Armor
Imperial Decree
Imperial Bed
Miniature Colosseum
Imperial Toga
Imperial Sandals
Sultan's Finest Mega Pack2020/08/11Sultan Steps
Desert Threads
Floating Carpet
Magical Lamp
Magic Lamp
Sultan Turban
Back to School Mega Pack2020/08/25Erudite Vector
Valedictorian Ring
School Desk
Black Board
Academy Backpack
Academy Uniform
Autumn Mega Pack2020/09/08Serrated Cinquedea
Maplewood Gale
Dresser of Autumn
Bed of Seasons
Coat of Fallen Leaves
Autumn Canopy Crown
Oktoberfest Mega Pack2020/09/22Convenient Pendant
Mountain Man Mitts
Cider Counter
Alpine Hat
Mystic Duo Mega Pack2020/10/08Wizard Attire
Prayer Book
Astral Observatory
Foretelling Globe
Magnificent Magnifier
Freyja's Shawl
Halloween Mega Pack2020/10/20Night Armor
Night Crown
Shallow Grave
Spirit Stone
Bat Wings
Moonless Night Coat
Champions Clash Mega Pack2020/11/03Owl Cowl
Swan's Edge
Pollux Seat
Dazzling Vanity
Lilu's Staff
Sia's Circlet
Thanksgiving Mega Pack2020/11/17Venerable Oats
Gobble Lord Helm
Oven of Abundance
Table of Reunion
Shirt of Plenty
Thanksgiving Coiffe
Sia Special Offer (Black Friday)2020/11/27Lucky StrikeHuggable Koala
Midnight Owl Carpet
350 Gems
350,000 Gold
Winter Festivities Mega Pack2020/12/1Blizzard Armor
Winter's Touch
Logs Sled
Jolly Skis
Warm Parka
Winter Goggles
Christmas Mega Pack2020/12/15Santa’s Elf Hat
Jolly Ranger
Presents Pile
Deerest Log
Santa’s Helper Coiffe
Dragon Siblings Mega Pack2020/12/29Dragonsoul Pendant
Emperor Wyrmguard
Sondra's Gong
Mundra's Moonstone Reef
Sondra's Balance
Dragon Mask
Fortune Zone Mega Pack2021/01/12Scroll of Fortune
Fortunate Gloves
Golden Notes
Fortune Zone Uniform
Fortune's Coin
Republic Day Mega Pack2021/01/26Republic Gauntlets
Republic Coiffe
Marble Elephant
Lavish Pillows
Lehenga Choli
Year of the Ox Mega Pack2021/02/09Cloudwalker Chakram
Cloudwalker Armor
Bamboo Saplings
Bamboo Arrangement
Ox Horns
Wild Love Mega Pack2021/02/23Kodlak Helmet
Kodlak Kleaver
Wild Nightstand
Kodlak Effigy
Wild Tunic
Kodlak Steps
Celtic Attire Mega Pack2021/03/09Cu Chulainn’s Lance
Milesian Mail
Fabled Sword
Shamrock Boot
Milesian Vestments
Lucky Horseshoe
Easter Galore Mega Pack2021/03/23Ostara Hat
Bunbun Band
Cocoa Chicken
Ostara Cabinet
Bunny Onesie
Bunny Onesie Hood
Victorian Spring Mega Pack2021/04/06Elegant Tea Set
Elegant Rapier
Elegant Lamp
Elegant Lounge Couch
Elegant Fan
Elegant Spring Dress
Gaia's Mega Pack2021/04/20Gaia Aegis
Gaia Maul
Blooming Wheelbarrow
Flowery Wheel
Salad Slippers
Blooming Coiffe
Cinco De Mayo 2 Mega Pack2021/05/04Zesty Granita
Pinata Hunter
Mega Pinata
Cactus Rug
Huaraches de Mayo
China Poblana Dress
Pollux Mega Pack2021/05/18Raptor Reaper
Raptor Wings
Comfy Nest
Ruffled Feathercoat
Owl Mask
Bee's Knees Mega Pack2021/06/01Beeswaxe
Hive Guard Plate
Honey Pot
Busy Beehive
Buzzy Bee Body
Buzzy Bee Hoodie
Circus Mega Pack2021/06/15Seltzer Surprise
Plated Squeakers
Popcorn Cart
Circus Tent
Clown Hat
Squeaky Nose
Liberty Mega Pack2021/06/29Star-Spangled Greaves
Ring of Liberty
Pinwheels & Balloons
Eagle Banner
Presidential Outfit
Patriotic Boots
Troublin Trouble Mega Pack2021/07/13Barkback's Armor
Troublin Blugeon
Troublin Plushie
Devious Trap
Troublin Rags
Troublin Stick
Cat's Luck Mega Pack2021/07/27Cat Burglar Outfit
Cat Burglar Claws
Fat Cat Lap
Fishy Table
Kitty Onesie Hood
Kitty Onesie
Aurora Mega Pack2021/08/10Ice Queen’s Scepter
Twicicle Javelin
Precious Gem Rock
Yeti Plushie
Yeti Hat & Ears
Yeti Furry Pyjama
Dog's Fortune Mega Pack2021/08/24Canid Plate
Canid Paws
Doghouse Bed
Doghouse Paw Table
Doggy Onesie Hood
Doggy Onesie
Super Sweet Mega Pack2021/09/07Crunchy Bracelet
Chocolicious Blade
Waffle Couch
Gumball Machine
Delicious Dress
Candy Crown
Moon Festival Mega Pack2021/09/21Moonlight Kimono
Moonlight Zōri
Usagi Banner
Mochi Snack Table
Festival Kimono
Goodbye Summer Mega Pack2021/10/05Shroom Doom
Vanguard Buckler
Shroomy Stomp
Bountiful Wreath
Seasonal Coat
Seasonal Jeans
Spooktober Mega Pack2021/10/19Nightwing Bolt
Hallowed Willow
The Hollow Oak
Framed Spiderweb
Spidey Buddy
Rad Bat Shades
Fire & Air Mega Pack2021/11/02Aang's Robe
Gyatso's Amulet
Sleepy Appa
Paisho Table & Tea
Zuko's Armor
Aang's Air Glider
Water & Earth Mega Pack2021/11/16Sokka's Outfit
Sokka's Club
Cabbage Cart
Spirit Koi Pond
Katara's Outfit
Toph's Headband
Snow Day Mega Pack2021/11/30Crystalice Targe
Cold Iron Axe
Fire Pit
Hoser Hat
Merry Christmas Mega Pack2021/12/14Holy Night Lance
Santa's Guard Gauntlets
Christmas Wreath
North Pole Train
Deer Onesie
Deer Onesie Hood
New Year Mega Pack2021/12/28Rising Star
First Morning Star
2022 Balloons
New Year Clock
Party Popper
Flapper Dress
Swamp Survivor Mega Pack2022/01/11Nectar Pitcher
Waterproof Lilycap
Baba Yaga's House
Toadwitch Plushie
Toadwitch House
Toadwitch Spoon
Year of the Tiger Mega Pack2022/01/25Tiger Emperor's Robe
Regal Bangles
Lunar Censer
Lunar Mailbox
Lunar New Year Outfit
Tiger Ears
True Love Mega Pack2022/02/08Heartcaptor's Staff
Unwilting Rose
Lovely Chair
Lovely Partition
Soulmate Tuxedo
Cherub Sneakers
Valhalla Mega Pcak2022/02/22Huscarl Gauntlets
Raider Buckler
Viking Longship
Thor Carpet
Jarl Outfit
Drinking Horn
Wiccan Magic Mega Pack2022/03/08Wiccan Dagger
Wiccan Broomstick
Pagan Ward
Enchanted Broom
Wiccan Garb
Wiccan Crown
Cherry Blossoms Mega Pack2022/03/22Sakura Eboshi
Sakura Tabi
Blooming Bonsai
Hanami Dresser
Bunbun's Mega Pack2022/04/05Eggshell Smasher
Bunbun Lance
Bunbun's House
Bunbun's Clock
Easterly Dress Shirt
Chicksie Hat
Immortal Mega Pack2022/04/19Soulbinder Staff
Claud's Will
Donovan's Research
Void Crystals
Donovan's Outfit
Hemma's Tiara
Cinco de Mayo 3 Mega Pack2022/05/03Stylish Poncho
Trinket of the Fifth
King Corn's Table
Papi Cactee & Family
Cactus Onesie
Wastelanders Mega Pack2022/05/17Goon's Facesmackers
Lil' Cactus
Mushgoon Plushie
Mushgoon Throne
Mushgoon Cap
Wild West Mega Pack2022/05/31Desperado Outfit
Hotshot Bowgun
Rodeo Bull
Saloon Barrel
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Outfit
Shop Titans 2022 Mega Pack2022/06/14Titan Shield
Titan Potion
Birthday Cake
Titan Counter
3rd Anniversary Shirt
Cake Hat
Airship Riders Mega Pack2022/06/28Dragonseeker Goggles
Sky Pirate Outfit
Antidragon Cannon
Splendid Allan's Wheel
Cool Glasses
Captain Outfit
Checkmate Mega Pack2022/07/12Onyx King Helm
Ivory Queen Crown
Chess Pieces
Beach Party Mega Pack2022/07/26Pokey Parasol
Sandcastle Protector
Surfin' Whale
Crabby Clock
Diving Suit
Water Goggles
Pharaoh Mega Pack2022/08/09Pharaoh's Pact
Pharaoh's Nemes
Anubis Plushie
Grand Pyramid
Anubis Head
Anubis Outfit
Fruity Mega Pack2022/08/23Fruity Booties
Fruity Gauntlets
Melon Couch
Juice Box MEGA
Top Banana
Tsukimi Mega Pack2022/09/06Kitsune Spirit Mask
Sunset Yari
Taiko Drum
Chōchin gate
Hakama Pants
Retro Arcade Mega Pack2022/09/20Power Flipper
Button Masher
CrabPow! Machine
RetroTV Console
Retro Raygun
Health Bar
Musketeer Mega Pack2022/10/04Épée d'Artagnan
Musketeer Hat
Musketeer Emblem
Training Dummy
Musketeer Shirt
Musketeer Sword
Pumpkin Party Mega Pack2022/10/18Thorn Baron Armor
Thorn Baron Helm
Decrepit Fence
Pumpkin Pentagram
Pumpkin Bonnet
Pumpkin Dress

Haunted Castle Mega Pack2022/11/01Tyrant Plate Armor
Crown of Tyranny
Tyrant Plushie
Darkest Tower
Mighty Pot
Great Spatula
Thanksgiving 2022 Mega Pack2022/11/15Hunter Moccasins
Flint Corn Bundle
Traditional Instruments
Leather Divider
Thanksgiving Coiffe
Polar Unicorn Mega Pack2022/11/29Ice Queen's Silks
Tale of the Unicorn
Frozen Mirror
Ice Palace Table
Unicorn Tiara
Ice Staff
Polar Holiday 2022 Mega Pack2022/12/13Santa's Guard Plate
Merry Christmace
North Pole Lantern
Shopkeeper Surprise
Festive Coat
New Year 2023 Mega Pack2022/12/27Creamy Scallops
Lost Star Chart
New Year Tiny Ben
Wig & Bandana
Lunar New Year (Rabbit) Mega Pack2023/01/10Qian Loop
Empress War Fan
Bunny Cushion
Tangerine Guardian
Bunny Slippers
Bunny Dress
Ancient Warrior Mega Pack2023/01/24Warrior Assegai
Elongo Shield
Dama Mask
Carved Stool
Shuka Dress
Traditional Sandals
Valentine 2023 Mega Pack2023/02/07Cupid Robes
Lover's Quarrel
Heart-shaped Bed
Living Love Letter
Valentine Prince Hat
Valentine Prince Outfit
Chronos Ruins Mega Pack2023/02/21Chronos Runeblade
Eternal Hourglass
Cyclops Plushie
Chronos Carpet
Imperator Outfit
Cyclops Eye
Sugar Shacks Mega Pack2023/03/07Sugar Shack Special
Maple Ration Mini
Maple Taffy Stand
Maple Syrup Dispenser
The Maple Chug
Canayan Uniform
Jurassic Mega Pack2023/03/21Apex Goraxe
Rex Chomper
Tricera Skull
Dino Onesie
Dino Onesie Hood
Junimay Mega Pack2023/04/04Fairy Sandals
Juniper's Trowel
Fairy Basin
Watering Can
Maylee's Outfit
Juniper's Straw Hat
Sakura Mega Pack2023/04/18Jindai Zakura
Sakura Cuffs
Blooming Partition
Zen Garden
Sukeban Outfit
Sukeban Pants
Music Mega Pack2023/05/02Smash Hit
Fluted Chime
Grand Piano
Arcade Mega Pack2023/05/16Satchel of Essentials
Power-Up Pie
Neon Sign
Claw Machine
Craft Punk VR
Space Sneakers
True North Mega Pack2023/05/30Hooded Iggaak
Compact Snowshoes
Fishing Hole
Shop Titans 2023 Mega Pack2023/06/13Titan Plate Armor
Titan Helm
Argon Portrait (with skins for all champions)
Titan Throne
Titan Jacket
Jewelled Claws
Beach Day Mega Pack2023/06/27Radical Waverider
Iced FlavorPop
Lifeguard Chair
Volleyball Net
Lifeguard Vest
Rescue Can
Sweet Dreams Mega Pack2023/07/11Sandman's Pouch
The Dreamcatcher
Good Night Bed
Moonlit Mobile
Sleeping Mask
Cinderlake Mega Pack2023/07/25Moltin' Crabcracker
Cinderlake Volcano
Crushy Plushie
Crabby Mittens
Crab Beanie
Wayfinder Mega Pack2023/08/8Wayfinder's Outfit
Goreboar Targe
Leather Sofa
Bamham Plushie
Bamham Slippers
Bjorn's Eyepatch
Camping Mega Pack2023/08/22Ranger's Multitool
Survival Strap
Camping Kit
Fishing Gear
Fishing Vest
Fisherman's Hat
Office Mega Pack2023/09/5Billionaire Brew
Ruler of Rulers
Office Desk
Water Cooler
The Brick
Office Shirt
Mid-Autumn Mega Pack2023/09/19Crispy Roast Duck
Great Pagoda
Bunny Lantern
Mooncake Table
Handheld Lantern
Bleakspire Mega Pack2023/10/03Bleakspire Charm
Harpy Plushie
Cliffside Shelf
Nesting Crown
Harpy Feather Pants
Gothita Mega Pack2023/10/17Gothita Frock Coat
Gothita Glovelettes
Highbrow Hat Holder
Gothita Lamp
Gothita Dress
Gothita Hair
Self-Care Mega Pack2023/10/31Fragrant Moisturizer
The Backscratcher
Blossom-Infused Bath
Wellness Wood Shelf
Towel Wrap
Mecha Mega Pack2023/11/14CM-73 Armor Frame
CM-73 Visor
CM-73 Jetboots
CM-73 Manipulators
Marvel Workbench
Observer Visor
Ancient Gods Mega Pack2023/11/28Zeus Thunderblade
Golden Fleece
Ancient Amphora
Athena’s Dress
Medusa’s Snakes
Yuletide Mega Pack2023/12/12Tales of Yule
Holiday Ham
Yule Partition
Yule Mobile
Yule Robe
Holly Crown
Packs listed above this marker are available in the antique store
New Year 2024 Mega Pack2023/12/26Crystal Dew
Star Lancer
Crystal Gate
2024 Garland
2024 Balloon
2024 Headband
Magic Mega Pack2024/01/09Magician's Hat
Hands of Sleight
Magician's Table
Magic Box
Showfloor Partition
Magician's Rose
Wonderland Mega Pack2024/01/23Queen of Hearts
Valet Uniform
Wonderland Hedge
Wonderland Shrooms
Queen's Valet Outfit
Teatime Topper
Year of the Dragon Mega Pack2024/02/06Tianlong Lance
Elixir of the Wyrm
Hanging Dragon
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Bucket Hat
Dragon Sweater
Neonpunk Mega Pack2024/02/20The M.A.U.L.
Packed Takeout
Snack Machine
Streetrunner's Outfit
Streetrunner Shoes
Void Dimension Mega Pack2024/03/05Creature's Chitin
Creature's Claw
Void Enrobed
Void Window
Voidling Plushie
Voidling Slippers
Nilean Dynasty Mega Pack2024/03/19Sacred Scarab
Canopic Jar
Sacred Scarab
Nilean Noble Hair
Nilean Noble Robes
Tamas Mega Pack2024/04/02Leathermaster's Apron
Rolled Up Leather
Tamas Plushie
Tool Rack
Leather Jacket
Leather Boots
Superhero Mega Pack2024/04/16Greenlight Ring
Darkeye's Bow
Command Console
Cryonite Crystal
Superhero Mask
Superhero Helm
Chronomancer Mega Pack2024/04/30Chronomancer's Robes
Chronomancer's Timekeeper
Grimar Plushie
Master Clock
All-Seeing Goggle
Time Traveler's Hat
Cursed King Mega Pack2024/05/14Cursed King's Aegis
Bitterblack Blade
War Room Table
Cursed King's Throne
Cursed King's Crown
Cursed King's Raiments
Buggy Beetle Mega Pack2024/05/28Chitinous Claws
Bug Catcher's Net
Buggy Tree
Butterfly Lantern
Bug Lover's Vest
Shop Titans 2024 Mega Pack2024/06/11Titan Shotkeeper
Titan Admiral Hat
The Vault
Titan Partition
5th Anniversary Glasses
Titan Sandals

What the heck is a “flashback”?

Flashback offers appear 24 hours after you purchase a newly released blueprint pack.

You are shown 3 previously released packs that you do not currently own. You can buy 0-3 of these packs, and if you purchase them all, you become eligible for the ‘superior’ pack of the current release.

Superior Blueprint Packs

These packs are special occurrences during flashback sales when you either have no flashback offers available (cause you likely own them all), or you buy all flashback offers presented to you! If there is a pack review available for them the icon can be tapped/clicked to take you to it.

St. Patrick's Golden Offer2020/03/10Luckiest CloverThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Easter Superior Offer2020/04/07Bunbun BucklerThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Champion Clash Superior Pack2020/04/21Seafarer BladeThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Cinco De Mayo Superior Pack2020/05/05Shoes of StyleThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Summertime Superior Pack2020/05/19Tangy DecoctionThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Victorian Superior Pack2020/06/02Raven MaskThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Wallace Superior Pack2020/06/19Smith AttireThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
4th of July Superior Offer2020/07/01Striped StarStarred Lanterns
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Worker Duo Superior Pack2020/07/15Oak EssenceThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Augustus II Superior Pack2020/07/29Centurion HelmetThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Sultan's Superior Offer2020/08/12Sultan DaggerThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Back to School Superior Offer2020/08/26Spellward HatThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Fall Superior Offer2020/09/09Equinox Rod
Vanguard Greaves
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Oktoberfest Superior Pack2020/09/23Grand Tyrolean
Handcask '65
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Mystic Superior Offer2020/10/09Freyja's Talisman
Grimar's Grand Wand
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Halloween Superior Offer2020/10/21Nightwing
Midnight Oil
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Champions Superior Offer2020/11/04Owl Wing Wand
Swan's Garment
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Thanksgiving Superior Offer2020/11/18Cluckthrower
Birdbane Halberd
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Winter Superior Offer2020/12/02Snowball Launcher
Blizzard Ring
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Christmas Superior Offer2020/12/16Peppermint Cane
Staff of Merriment
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Dragon Siblings Superior Offer2020/12/30Dra-Ko-Nu
Dragon Dao
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Fortune Superior Offer2021/01/13VIP TalismanThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Republic Day Superior Offer2021/01/27Republic GarmentsThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Year of the Ox Superior Offer2021/02/10Cloudwalker Steps
Oxen Impact
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Wild Love Superior Offer2021/02/24Wild Oak RoseThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Celtic Superior Offer2021/03/10Druidic GrimoireThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Easter Superior Offer2021/03/24Bunbun BootiesThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Victorian Spring Superior Offer2021/04/07Elegant Top HatThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Gaia's Superior Offer2021/04/21Gaia's HoldThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Cinco De Mayo 2 Superior Pack2021/05/05Rogue SombreroThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Pollux Superior Pack2021/05/19Raptor TalonsThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Bee's Knees Superior Pack2021/06/02Honeycomb DefenderThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Circus Superior Pack2021/06/16Jester Jouster
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Liberty Superior Pack2021/06/30Sealed DeclarationThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Troublin Superior Pack2021/07/14Forlorn Acorn
Primitech Slingshot
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Cat Superior Pack2021/07/28Cat Burglar HoodThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Aurora Superior Pack2021/08/11Aurora SpringwaterThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Dog Superior Pack2021/08/25Canid Helmet
Dogbone Blaster
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Sweet Superior Pack Pack2021/09/08Super Snack PackThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Moon Festival Superior Pack2021/09/22Tsukuyomi
Moonlight Wand
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
75,000 Gold
Goodbye Summer Superior Pack2021/10/06Vanguard GauntletsThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Spooktober Superior Pack2021/10/20Nightwing VambracesThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Fire Nation Superior Pack2021/11/03Fire Nation Armor
Fire Nation Helm
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Earth Kingdom Superior Pack2021/11/17Kyoshi Warrior Armor
Kyoshi Warrior Fan
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Snow Day Superior Pack2021/12/01Ice Queens' Summer HatThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Merry Christmas Superior Pack2021/12/15Santa's Guard BootsThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
New Year Superior Pack2021/12/29Ring of New BeginningsThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Swamp Superior Pack2022/01/12Boughwrought Bow
Woven Lilycloak
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Year of the Tiger Superior Pack2022/01/26Tiger Emperor's EdictThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
True Love Superior Pack2022/02/09Cupid's HeaumeThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Valhalla Superior Pack2022/02/23JötunnbaneThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Fellgrove Superior Pack2022/03/09Fellgrove TalismanThemed Wallpaper
Themed Wallpaper1
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Cherry Blossom Superior Pack2022/03/23
Sakura Infusion
Sakura Cloak
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Bunbun's Superior Pack2022/04/06Bunbun MasqueradeThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Immortal Superior Pack2022/04/20Soulbinder RegaliaThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Cinco de Mayo 3 Superior Pack2022/05/04Gloves of RhythmThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Wastelanders Superior Pack2022/05/18Celesteel KnucklesThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Wild West Superior Pack2022/06/01Desperado Spurs
Hotshot Carbine
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Shop Titans 2022 Superior Pack2022/06/15Titan SwordThemed Wallpaper
Themed Wallpaper2
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Airship Superior Pack2022/06/29Propeller-Pike
Baross' Backup
Themed Flooring
Themed Flooring3
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
Checkmate Superior Pack2022/07/15Onyx King Axe
Ivory Queen Rod
Chessboard Carpet 4x4
Chessboard Tile Carpet 2x2
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
Beach Party Superior Pack2022/07/27Supreme SunscreenThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Pharaoh Superior Pack2022/08/10Pharaoh's AnkhThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Dynamic Gold
Fruity Superior Pack2022/08/24Premium Brand Jam
Banana Gun
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Tsukimi Superior Pack2022/09/07Oni Rōnin Armor
Chōchin Gohei
Themed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Arcade Superior Pack2022/09/21Gamepad MiniThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Musketeer Superior Pack2022/10/05Gants d'ArtagnanThemed Wallpaper
Themed Flooring
350 Gems
Pumpkin Party Superior Pack2022/10/19Vampire Wings
Thorn of Scorn
Themed Flooring
Themed Flooring4
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
Haunted Castle Superior Pack2022/11/02Tyrant Fists
Tyrant Cloak
Themed Flooring
Themed Flooring
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
Thanksgiving 2022 Superior Pack2022/11/16Elite PathfinderThemed Flooring
Themed Wallpaper
350 Gems
Polar Superior Pack2022/11/30Crystalice LoopIce Queen's Crystal (Flooring)
Ice Queen's Palace (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Holiday 2022 Superior Pack2022/12/14Christmas Spirit
Gift Wrap Rifle
Peppermint Flooring (Flooring)
Peppermint Column (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
New Year 2023 Superior Pack2022/12/28Glazed Mirror Cake
Bastion of Dawn
Art Deco Floor (Flooring)
Art Deco Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Lunar New Year (Rabbit) Superior Pack2023/01/11Empress HairpinsLunar New Year (Flooring)
Year of the Bunny (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Ancient Warrior Superior Pack2023/01/25Ogun's Onyx RingBogolanfini Floor (Flooring)
Bogolanfini Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Valentine 2023 Superior Pack2023/02/08Chocolate Box
Love Declaration
Heart Stacks (Flooring)
Lovely Chocolate (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Chronos Ruins Superior Pack2023/02/22Lost Warrior's PlateChronos Bricks (Flooring)
Cyclops Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Sugar Shack Superior Pack2023/03/08Fork of Roasting
Maple Holy Grail
Sticky Syrup (Flooring)
Seeping Syrup (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Jurassic Superior Pack2023/03/22Rex StompersDigging Site (Flooring)
Fossilized (Wallpaper)
Jurassic Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Junimay Superior Pack2023/04/05Fairy Wreath
Fairy Wings
Fairy Meadows (Flooring)
Fairy Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Sakura Superior Pack2023/04/19Taishōgun KabutoZen Garden Sand (Flooring)
Hanami Scenery (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Music Superior Pack2023/05/03Slide Grease
Sonic Trumpeteer
Piano Keys (Flooring)
Arpegio Floor (Flooring)
Treble Wall (Wallpaper)
Musical Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Arcade Superior Pack2023/05/17Power Gauntlet
Pellet Popper
Arcade Floor (Flooring)
Left Viewport (Wallpaper)
Right Viewport (Wallpaper)
Borderless Viewport (Wallpaper)
Viewport (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
True North Superior Pack2023/05/31Dire KakivakTrue North Floor (Flooring)
True North Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Shop Titans 2023 Superior Pack2023/06/14Titan BootsRegal Floor (Flooring)
Regal Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Beach Day Superior Pack2023/06/28Coastal Towel
Tiara of Tides
Elven Sunset (Wall Decoration)
Immortal Summer (Wall Decoration)
350 Gems
Sweet Dreams Superior Pack2023/07/12Somnus Boltcaster
Garbs of Morpheus
Twilight Tile (Flooring)
Dreamy (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Cinderlake Superior Pack2023/07/26Very Hot PotFloor is Lava (Flooring)
Crushtacean Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Wayfinder Superior Pack2023/08/09Wereboar's HoodHunting Bamham (Flooring)
Hunting Boar (Flooring)
Leather Straps (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Camping Superior Pack2023/08/23Summer S'mores
Camper's Compass
Beaten Path (Flooring)
Wildwoods (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Office Superior Pack2023/09/06Business SuitOffice Rugs (Flooring)
City Skyline (Wallpaper)
Office Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Mid-Autumn Superior Pack2023/09/20Dragon Emperor's Cloak
Jade Lotus Loop
Lotus Tiles (Flooring)
Lotus Garden (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Bleakspire Superior Pack2023/10/04Serial QuillerNesting Grounds (Flooring)
Harpy Flock (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Gothita Superior Pack2023/10/18Lampcaster
Teeny Top Hat
Crimson Carpet (Flooring)
Tenebrous Tapestries (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Self-Care Superior Pack2023/11/01Deluxe Flip-FlopsOrchid Path (Flooring)
Orchid Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Mecha Superior Pack2023/11/15Particle Beam Rifle
CM-73 Shield
Mechtalic Tile (Flooring)
Mechtalic Panel (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Ancient Gods Superior Pack2023/11/29Caduceus
Hermes Sandals
Marble of Myth (Flooring)
Mythological Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Yuletide Superior Pack2023/12/13Yule's HeraldChopped Birch (Flooring)
Distant Birch (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Packs listed above this marker are available in the antique store
New Year 2024 Superior Pack2023/12/27Crystal SolleretsCrystal Tiles (Flooring)
Crystal Arches (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Magic Superior Pack2024/01/10Charlatan's Amulet
The Original
Showfloor (Flooring)
Great Curtain (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Wonderland Superior Pack2024/01/24Aura of Wonder
Teatime Snack
Marble of Myth (Flooring)
Mythological Print (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Year of the Dragon Superior Pack2024/02/07Dragonfang FistsDragon Scales (Flooring)
Longest Dragon (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Neonpunk Superior Pack2024/02/21Electro-Keytar
Hazmat Mask
Cybertech Tile (Flooring)
Metropolis Night (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Void Dimension Superior Pack2024/03/06VoidwalkersVoid (Flooring)
Voidling Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Nilean Superior Pack2024/03/20Banner of Nilea
Nilean Dawn
Nilean Tiles (Flooring)
Hieroglyphs (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Tamas Superior Pack2024/04/03Leathermaster's MalletLeatherstitched (Flooring)
The Leatherworker (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Superhero Superior Pack2024/04/17Eternity GauntletSecret Base (Flooring)
Secret Base (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Chronomancer Superior Pack2024/05/01Chronomancer's TimetableClockwork (Flooring)
Clockwork (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Cursed King Superior Pack2024/05/15Cursed King's PlateCursed Banner (Flooring)
Cursed Quarters (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Buggy Beetle Superior Pack2024/05/29Hercules Horn
Giant Moth Wings
Bug Buddies (Flooring)
Bug Friends (Wallpaper)
350 Gems
Shop Titans 2024 Superior Pack2024/06/12Titan Admiral CoatHoard/Titan (Flooring)
Titan Crystal/Regal Wall (Wallpaper)
350 Gems

Event Store Packs

These are stores that open up during events such as LCOG, ToT and King’s Caprice, these stores contain multiple packs with different items in them and can only be purchased for the duration of their respective events

IconNamePrice (USD)Contents
Lost City of Gold
Survival Pack Store
Essentials Pack
Explorer Pack
Survivor Pack
Essentials Pack$7.99Luxurious Key x1
Stamina Drink x20
Super Loot Bugle x5
Super Power Booster x5
Explorer Pack$11.99Opulent Key x1
Stamina Drink x35
Repair Kit x5
Mega XP Drink x10
Survivor Pack$14.99Phoenix Feather x15
Mega XP Booster x5
Gold Compass x10
Mega Loot Bugle x5
Tower of Titans
Survival Pack Store
Hero Pack
Champion Pack
Titan Pack
Hero Pack$7.99Super Skill Die x5
Stamina Drink x5
Mega XP Drink x10
Seed of Power x10
Champion Pack$14.99Mega Skill Die x5
Stamina Drink x15
Silver Compass x15
Super Power Booster x15
Titan Pack$19.99Perfect Skill Die x5
Phoenix Feather x15
Gold Compass x15
Mega Power Booster x15
King's Caprice
Antique Store
Daily King's Gift
Humble Token Pack
Grand Token Pack
Extravagant Token Pack
Daily King's GiftFree5 Antique Tokens
Humble Token Pack$9.99185 Antique Tokens
Grand Token Pack$19.99400 Antique Tokens
Extravagant Token Pack$29.99620 Antique Tokens
Dragon VaultCannonball Bundle
Dragonmark Tokens
Dragonmark Bag
Dragonmark Chest
Cannonball Bundle$4.99Wyrmbane Cannonball x 25
Dragonmark Tokens$4.99325 Dragon marks
Dragonmark Bag$9.99700 Dragon marks
Dragonmark Chest$19.991,500 Dragon marks

Miscellaneous Packs

Below is a list of packs that did not fall into the other categories. They do not contain any blueprints and some are no longer obtainable.

IconNameUnlock ConditionsContents
Yami's OfferYami visits your shop
(Merchant level 17 required)
50 Yami Coins
10 Mega XP Drinks
150 Gems
Rudo's OfferRudo visits your shop
(Merchant level 21 required)
70 Rudo Coins
15 Mega XP Boosters
150 Gems
Captain PoloniaPolonia visits your shop
(Merchant level 25 required)
90 Polonia Coins
20 Mega XP Drinks
150 Gems
Donovan's OfferDonovan visits your shop
(Merchant level 29 required)
100 Donovan Coins
25 Mega XP Drinks
150 Gems
Hemma's OfferHemma visits your shop
120 Hemma Coins
25 Mega XP Drinks
150 Gems
Ashley's OfferAshley visits your shop
140 Ashley Coins
25 Seeds of Vitality
25 Seeds of Power
10 Blossoms of Vitality
10 Blossoms of Power
Reinhold's Secret Offer 2019Black Friday 2019 -
own all packs
(no longer obtainable)
25 Argon Coins
25 Lilu Coins
25 Sia Coins
25 Yami Coins
25 Rudo Coins
1000 Gems
Sunken Temple Starter Pack/Power PackStarter Pack -
Be close to unlocking tier 10 when update 5.1 was released
Power Pack -
Next Piggy bank reset after the Starter Pack
100 Research Scrolls
100 Ascension Shards
5 Sunken Chests
5 Sunken Keys
300 Deep Coral
300 Crystal Lullaby
300 Precious Shell
Pet Power PackLevel 10Hamster
Pet Slot 2
250 Gems
Basement Power PackLevel 40Up to Basement Expansion 7
Merchant Safe (Decor)
Refined Bed (Decor)
Pancake Buddy (Rug)
350 Gems
500,000 Gold
Black Friday FlashbackBlack Friday 2020 -
Lasted for 4 days
Secret Offer -
Purchase all other offers
Sia Special Offer!
Loot Aplenty Offer!
Fall Superior Offer!
Academy Special Offer!
Engineer Special Offer!
Oktoberfest Superior Pack
Reinhold's Secret Offer 2020
Tier 11 Crafting StoreBe close to unlocking Tier 11 when update 6.4 was releasedTier 11 Basics Pack
Tier 11 Treasure Pack
Tier 11 Master Crafter Pack
Tier 11 Basics Pack-Boreal Gale x 100
Zirconia Eggshell x 100
Grim Talon x 100
Tier 11 Treasure Pack-Bleak Chest x 5
Bleak Key x 5
Ascension Shard x 25
Research Scroll x 100
Tier 11 Master Crafter Pack-Sigil of Might x 25
Sigil of Grace x 25
Sigil of Spark x 25
Black Friday Super Offer 2021

Reinholds Secret Black Friday Super Offer 2021
Black Friday 2021 -
Lasted for 5 days
Secret Offer -
Purchase all other offers
Dungeon Explorer Offer!
Ascended Hero Offer!
Goodbye Summer Mega Pack
Spooktober Mega Pack
Roxanne & Mundra Worker Packs

Black Friday Secret Offer

Tier 12 Booster PackBe close to unlocking Tier 12 when update 9.4 was released160 Ascension Shards
250 Research Scrolls
5 Molten Keys & Chests
50 Sigil of True Might
50 Sigil of True Grace
50 Sigil of True Spark
Black Friday Super Offer 2022

Reinholds Secret Black Friday Super Offer 2022
Black Friday 2022 -
Lasted for 5 days
Secret Offer -
Purchase all other offers
Pizza Party Pack!
Twinkling Coins Pack!
Power Plush Pack! with Gloves of Rhythm (Gloves will be substituted for a different T11 if you already own the blueprint)
Retro Arcade Mega Pack
Worker Packs

Black Friday Secret Offer