Promo Codes

A list of all codes both past and present

Pretty self-explanatory – press the promo code button from the in-game menu and type in the code to receive prizes.

Note: feature is currently unavailable on iOS. You will need to log in on a different platform to claim.

Active Codes

  • FANTASY – a mixture of decorations and cosmetic items for your merchant.
    • You need to be level 20 or below.
    • Only redeemable on Android.
  • PRIDE – a mixture of pride related decorations + t-shirt
    • Code valid until July 1st 2099 12am EDT
    • Yes, we do mean 2099.


  • WHEREPROMO – 5 spin tickets.
    • This was the first code and was only live for ~5 minutes on 2024/03/25, because the Spin tickets went to inventory instead of the fortune zone.
  • 4YEARSOFSTC – 40 Ascension Shards/Research Scrolls/Dragon Marks/Antique tokens.
    • You had to be at least level 20 to claim this code.
    • Code was valid from 2024/04/25 to 2024/05/09 and was made for our 4th anniversary.
  • 1000XSOLITARX – 100 Ascension Shards/100 Research Scrolls.
    • Code was valid for a short period of time during 2024/05/10 to 2024/05/12 and was made to celebrate xSolitarx getting 1k followers.
  • 5YEARSFBSTFANS – 3 Limited Edition! tokens, 50 Research Scrolls/Ascension Shards
    • Code was valid until 2024/05/23 and was made to celebrate the facebook fan page’s 5th anniversary.