Promotions and You

A guide to using Titan Souls wisely

One of the questions that pops up pretty frequently around Shop Titans is “Who should I promote?” This is a daunting question. Do I promote my best hero to make them better? Do I promote my worst one to bring them up to par with the rest of my roster? How do I decide?!? As with just about everything in this game, the answer isn’t quite so simple. So, let’s start with the basics.

This guy right here is a Titan Soul. After clearing the top floor of the monthly Tower of Titans event, you will receive this powerful consumable item. This extremely useful trinket will allow you to promote one hero. Doing so will upgrade their class and generally make them much more powerful. But what exactly does a promotion DO? A promotion grants two bonuses to every class in the game:

  • Increased base stats
  • Access to T4 skills

Some classes also gain a bit more. There are three additional benefits that apply to some classes here and there:

  • Ability to use all four skills
  • Unlocks an additional equippable item type
  • Upgrades the hero’s innate skill
  • Gains access to additional skill(s)
    • Destructive Strikes for Monks, additional weapon skills if the promotion unlocks new weapons for other classes

Let’s break these down one at a time.

Universal Bonuses

Both of these are relatively simple.

Every class has a baseline for their Attack, HP, and Defense stats. A Wanderer at level 12 has 55 HP, 76 Attack, and 59 Defense for example. This does not include any equipment, skill, or Seed bonuses – it’s just the absolute starting value, known as the hero’s base stats. A promotion will increase these. If you give a Titan Soul to this Wanderer, then they become a Pathfinder with 92 HP, 117 Attack, and 100 Defense. In regards to base stats, a promotion is mainly designed to reduce the difference in tier levels and level the playing field. It effectively brings all classes up to a theoretical “T8” class. This means that the base stat boost isn’t as noticeable for the T6s and T7s as it is for T1s – it’s a comparatively smaller jump for a Dancer than a Thief.

  • For example, a Geomancer at level 40 has 1K Attack inherently. This is boosted to 1.1K as an Astramancer (aka 10% bonus). By contrast, a Mage goes from 500 base Attack to 1,000 at level 40 (100% bonus), just with the promotion alone. This promotion bonus is phenomenal for lower tier classes and gets less impactful as you go up the ladder.

The second thing a promotion does for everybody is also fairly simple. It unlocks the ability to use rank 4 skills. This one typically isn’t that impactful so we’ll breeze through it. The vast majority of rank 4 skills are identical to their rank 3 counterparts, just with slightly bigger numbers. In general, the use of rank 4 skills is not going to make or break a hero. Rogues specifically need to keep an eye on their Evasion if they’re using Evasion or Crit gear / spirits because the jump from rank 3 to rank 4 might overcap them on either stat. (Wanderers and Ninjas in particular need to keep an eye on these due to their innate skills giving them a lot). Note that there are two exceptions here that do gain a second effect at rank 4 (all other skills with a secondary effect gain it at an earlier rank).

  • All Natural goes from 30% Crit Hit Chance at rank 3 to 30% CHC & 100% Crit Damage at rank 4. This is a great damage boost for crit based classes that may be lacking a bit of CD. Any hero with this skill will get a large Power spike when promoted due to Crit stats being very good for Star Power.
  • Fireball picks up a flat 200 Attack. It goes from 130% bonus Attack at rank 3 to 160% + 200 at rank 4. This might not seem that significant, but it provides a hefty boost to Attack if the hero has a high amount of bonus Attack in their other skills. It can often outperform the very similar Electric Arc and Dragon Breath, which both have higher Att% values (170% & 175% respectively).

Class-Specific Bonuses

For the optional bonuses, let’s get the easy one out of the way first. Some classes can use an additional item type in one slot after a promotion. A Thief can only wear Gloves in slot 4, but a Trickster can wear Gloves or Shoes as an example. This is a nice bonus but usually isn’t gamebreaking or a major reason to promote a class. It mainly means some heroes have a different BiS item in one slot when promoted vs not promoted. Knights for example can only wield Axes or Spears, but Lords can also use Maces and Swords. This specifically is handy because it means a Knight cannot use some great weapon choices like the T12 weapons Titan Sword or Merry Christmace until they’re promoted. Usually however, this is not a big deal.

Next up is one of the major ones – ability to use all four skills. Non-promoted classes typically have one or two skill slots locked. T1 and T2 classes can only use two skills and T3 / T4 classes can only use three. T5, T6, and T7 classes do not get this bonus from the promotion because they can inherently use all four. So, what does this mean?

  • T1 and T2 classes are pretty crippled by this restriction. A hero who can only use two skills leaves an awful lot of power on the table. Even the Fighter classes (typically very simple builds that don’t need much skill power) are heavily nerfed by two locked skill slots.
  • T3 and T4 classes have it better. The addition of the third skill (plus their generally better innate skills) helps a lot. Losing slot 4 is a hindrance, but it’s not as big of a deal compared to T1 / T2s who are missing slot 3 as well.

Finally, we get to the upgraded innate skill. This bonus is the most hit or miss. Some classes gain a lot of mileage out of the boosted innate and some barely notice it (plus the obvious mention that some classes don’t even get this bonus at all). In addition to the larger numbers on their innates, the classes below gain additional effects. If you’re curious what the actual numbers on these skills are over their various ranks, that information can be found in the official ST Data Spreadsheet.

  • Soldiers gain extra benefit from Champion leaderskills. Depending on what Champion you’re using, this can be great or not very noticeable. Champions that provide extra defensive stats like Argon and Lilu will grant more of those stats to a Mercenary. Yami’s extra CHC and Evasion are both pretty wasted on this class, as another example.
  • Barbarians are one of the major beneficiaries of this effect. They gain a huge Attack boost that makes them a viable damage dealer / tank hybrid. The combination of higher inherent Threat plus extra damage because of it makes them a great choice for duo setups when paired with a strong attacker.
  • Knights can block one lethal hit directed at an ally. This is one of the “not really noticeable” upgrades.
  • Samurai are similar to Knights in that they can take it or leave it. Their upgraded innate lets them dodge the first attack of the battle guaranteed. Note that this is wasted if the quest monster attacks another hero – it only applies on the first turn of the battle.
  • Thieves are another one of the major beneficiaries. They gain a mini-weapon skill to ALL weapons they can wield (not just Daggers) but the important one is the Polonia synergy. A Trickster increases the item cap of Polonia’s item-stealing leaderskill AND increases the chances of it happening.
  • Monks have a very basic but highly effective upgrade. The promotion allows them to learn the fantastic Destructive Strikes. This is one of the best attacking skills in the entire game.
  • Musketeers don’t gain a massive bonus, but it’s definitely noticeable. They gain a stacking buff to their Crit Damage on consecutive critical hits, effectively giving them an additional 100% CD if they can crit consistently to keep it active. This bonus falls off if they miss a critical hit and will need to be re-stacked back up to 4.
  • Wanderers are simple. Their Evasion cap is increased from the normal 75% to 78%. This is pretty great for damage mitigation although it can be difficult to see it in action since dodging is a random chance event.
  • Ninjas get a big one. When a Ninja takes a hit in battle, their innate skill effectively disappears. They lose their massive bonuses to Evasion and CHC until the end of the battle. A Sensei on the other hand can recover these boosts after two turns when it falls off.
  • Most Spellcasters surprisingly do not gain an upgrade to their innate skill with a promotion. The only one is Spellblades, who get an additional 50% stat power from all items with innate elements (read – any item with an Element enchantment that you can’t remove). The upgraded Spellblade innate ability offers a pretty significant change to their build style.

That’s what a promotion does, but what does this mean in practice? A Titan Soul should optimally be used to make a good hero into a great one. Using it to make a weak hero into a usable one is a waste of such a rare and powerful resource. You can only get these once a month after all, so it’s important to use them wisely. The best use of a Soul is on a hero with a good skillset who also benefits highly from the bonuses granted by the promotion. For the first part of that, make sure you refer to some of the other guides here including TL,DR Heroes, Hero Academia, and “What Makes a Good Hero?” Making sure the hero has a good skillset first is important. Every class DOES benefit from a promotion, so it’s never a waste to use a Soul on a hero with strong skills, even if that specific class doesn’t necessarily gain much out of it.

To put this all together, some classes inherently don’t gain much out of a Titan Soul and can do their job just fine without it. Some nearly require the promotion to function. Others like the promotion but will barely notice it. These sections are grouped in order of how high of a priority target the class is in general.

If you just cleared ToT and are looking to this guide for using your first promotion, congratulations! There are typically two paths towards your first few Soul.

  • The first is to use them on good heroes to make clearing ToT in the future easier. This is pretty self-explanatory and is a great investment. If you do this, you’ll typically want to use them on T3 or T4 attackers first. Wanderers and Sorcerers in particular gain a lot out of the promotion and that allows them to make clearing ToT down the line a lot easier. This is personally what I went with.
  • The second is to use them on Thieves to get a Polonia team rolling. This is a pretty good path towards making lots of money. However, I need to stress that you should have a strong core of heroes that can handle ToT without a promotion before doing this. If you needed to use a power booster to clear the Titan or if you’re approaching the next Tower level (refer to the ToT page to see what those thresholds are), DO NOT go this route. It’s important to maintain easy access to Titan Souls, so you should either go the first path or build a dedicated ToT Wanderer team to ensure you can keep those Souls flowing as you move forward.

Alright, let’s get to the classes and how much they get out of a promotion.

T1 and T2 classes effectively require it. Their low base stats and inability to use all four skills are both pretty crippling flaws. A promotion handily fixes both issues.

T3 and T4 attackers get pretty big mileage out of the promotion. They’re functional without it but the extra skill and better base stats go a long way. The higher HP / Def granted by the promotion lets them survive a bit longer and the extra Attack (plus a fourth skill) allows them to hit much harder.

T3 and T4 tanks usually don’t need it. Knights and Wardens are both very sturdy classes out of the gate. The usual promotion benefits don’t do a ton of improving on this solid foundation. Their typical skill builds are both simple and forgiving, so missing one skill slot isn’t that big of a deal. Their innate skills get better, but not by a noticeable degree. The base stat boost is particularly nice, but usually isn’t necessary since you can increase the power of your attackers to end the fight sooner = the Fighters’ lower HP / Def is less relevant.

T5 classes are slightly hit or miss. Their strong base stats, good innate skill, and ability to use all four skills make for an inherently powerful whole. They don’t really NEED the promotion since these classes are pretty strong out of the box. Samurai are the odd one out and don’t get much, but Ninjas and Spellblades get big changes to their innate skills that actually change how they play a bit. A Sensei is no longer crippled for failing to dodge a stray attack compared to a Ninja.

Spellknights can get extraordinary boosts in strength depending on their maximum gear tier. This bonus is a bit variable and depends entirely on the current item tier. It will always be useful because they can use some chest BP items from each tier, but the full utility of these is pretty variable. There will almost always be at least one armor item they can equip and their promoted innate will provide a big bonus to the Defense stat, but this is generally not as useful as you’d probably think since you’re giving up a secondary stat to use it. Beyond that, here are some examples from past / current item tiers:

  • When T11 was the maximum item tier, we had a Spell and an Herbal Medicine item. These were pretty solid – the Spell is a crucial item for Spellcasters and the Herbal Medicine was good utility.
  • T12 was relatively lackluster. Most items from Molten Chests were armor items. We had a Potion, but that occupies the same slot as a Spell and you sacrifice a HUGE amount of Attack power if you make that trade.
  • T13 was amazing. Void Chests had two weapons they could take advantage of AND a Spell.
  • T14 has an Axe and a Ring. While they CAN use Axes, this weapon type is inherently pretty weak so this is surprisingly underwhelming. The Ring is handy since it’s an Accessory that can be used with a Spell and Rings are a good source of Attack.

T6 classes absolutely don’t need it. They’re the best classes in the game out of the box so a promotion is a comparatively small boost in power. The main benefit for them is the ability to use T4 skills and not much else. These should generally be the last members of your roster to be promoted.

The three T7 classes are also extremely low priority, just like their T6 cousins. They’re not quite as universally powerful as the T6s, but they have the same minimal benefits – they already have great base stats, access to all four skills, and their innate doesn’t change.

Champion Titan Souls

As of Black Friday 2023 and the 15.0.0 patch, it’s now possible to promote your Champions via a variant of a Titan Soul, the Champion Titan Soul!

This has a simpler effect than the Hero version which thankfully makes knowing who to promote first much simpler. For Champions, the promotion simply gives them a stat increase as seen with Argon in the screenshot below. Their leaderskill and role in the party remains completely unaffected.

For more detail on this, check out Tyco’s excellent guide on Champion Roles. He goes into much more detail about this mechanic, including what the recommended order for promoting them is – and why!

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As of the 15.0 patch, we have a use for these! You can use them to create Champion Titan Souls via Full Moon Fusion. The recipe is pretty expensive but the result is pretty powerful.

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