R2Dae2’s Giveaway: STC 4th Anniversary

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam Richard and the team for providing the prizes for these giveaways. We reserve the right to reject your entry if your name / answer is considered inappropriate (i.e. it’d break Kabam’s ToS) or you have a leaderboard ban.

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ST Central is turning 4! Who knew that my penchant for tedium would turn into what it has over the past year?

What started as a friendly offer to help save Reiga a bit of his sanity during a very busy time for the ST Central team (Talent trees! Forbidden LCoG! Towers of Terror! Oh my!) has turned into something so much more, and I am very appreciative that the STC team has welcomed and entrusted me with some of their most precious daeta…statistics!

Over the next year, in addition to continuing to collect, collate, and analyze various Shop Titans related data, I will be looking forward to organizing all of the statistical information gathered over the years, and making it more accessible via the ST Central site for our readers!

Before we get to the giveaway, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being a big part of us doing what we do! I, personally, would not be able to undertake extensive data gathering projects without the wonderful people of the ST Central community tirelessly contributing their invaluable time and effort to the cause. Be sure to periodically check out the #daeta-we-need channel on the ST Central Discord for any currently running projects if you’d like to be a part of something important!

While the ST Central team is dedicated to keeping the site running and up to date, it would not exist without the generous support of our readers. Thank you to everyone past, present, and future for helping us to keep the lights on so that we can continue to do what we do.

For more on what we have been up to over the last year, be sure to checkout out our STC – 4 years on post.


And finally, on to the reason that you are actually here! For my first ever giveaway, you have a chance to win a shiny new Champion Titan Soul! Go ahead and beef up that Ashley for Dragon Invasion, or send King out to Tower of Terror with a fighting chance or do whatever. I’m not your mom!

You may win this giveaway even if you were lucky enough to also win one of the workers being handed out in one of the other 3 anniversary giveaways. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the links to the other giveaways below after entering!

This giveaway consists of four questions. Each correct answer will earn you 1 entry into the prize drawing. For example, if you answer 3 correctly you would get 3 entries into the drawing. Answer as many as you wish (at least 1 must be answered correctly for your entry to count). Don’t forget to include your in-game player name AND # number (e.g. – R2Dae2#12345).

  1. How many “city” buildings are there in the game? (i.e. Buildings that are not tied to a resource or crafting worker.)
  2. At what rank do non-guest champions gain their first leader skill upgrade?
  3. Which base T14 items (unlocked with research scrolls) have affinity matching, and can be worn by, t4 heroes?
  4. How many collection score points would you gain by donating all qualities of all base T4 blueprints to your Collection Book?
    • Including the first tier of all enchantment types and premium workers

This giveaway will run until May 3rd 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.) One entry per player only – multiple entries may result in disqualification (see the faq at the end of this post)

Good luck!

And be sure to enter our other Anniversary giveaways!


R2Dae2’s – 4th STC Anniversary Giveaway Winner:
snacksies#33629, with 2 correct answers!

Answer Summary

Question 1:
Correct Answer: 4! The correct answer was defaulted on the entry form. Town Hall, Training Hall, Emerald Inn, and Tavern are all considered City buildings, and do not have a resource or crafting worker.
Favorite Answer: 51! That’s a big city!
Number of entries: 684
Correct Answers: 580
Percent Correct: 84.94% (This is shockingly low for a defaulted answer)

Question 2:
Correct Answer: 4! Non-guest champions receive the first upgrade to their Leader Skill (e.g. – Ashley’s Gambit) at Rank 4.
Number of entries: 570
Correct Answers: 414
Percent Correct: 72.63%

Question 3:
Correct Answer: There are 5 items (unlocked with research scrolls) that can be worn by a t4 hero whose element matches the affinity of the item, however, I also accepted answers that included the first 4 without the Eternal Bonsai with ALL affinity.

* Mantis Sickle (Earth Affinity, Wanderer/Pathfinder)
* Pistil Pistol (Earth Affinity, Wander/Pathfinder)
* Pocket Dimension (Air Affinity, Ranger/Warden)
* Widowmaker’s Invoker (Dark Affinity, Sorcerer/Warlock)
* Eternal Bonsai (ALL Affinity, Wanderer/Pathfinder)

Number of Entries: 430
Correct Answers: 52
% Correct: 12.09%

Question 4:
Correct Answer: 1080. There are 45 blueprints that you can donate to the collection book from across all lines (including premium workers and enchantments) which are not obtained through a superior/mega pack, content pass, or freebie giveaway, 5 qualities totaling 24 points per blueprint.
I also accepted answers of 1152, which includes the 3 Frozen Chest blueprints in case of ambiguity.
Number of Entries: 438
Correct Answers: 32
Percent Correct: 7.31%

Giveaway FAQ

“I entered the giveaway twice by accident!”
-I’m aware the system isn’t exactly flawless when it comes to entries – so long as they’re within a few minutes of each other I’ll just disregard the duplicate. If it’s longer than that (say a day for example) contact me before it ends so I can fix it, otherwise you’ll be disqualified.

“I’m not sure you got my entry”
-Drop a message on the STC discord with your name and I can check (note due to discord’s weird new username system I don’t accept friend requests unless you share one of the main ST discords with me. Please reach out on our discord if you need confirmation of entry.)

“What do you deem inappropriate or offensive, so that my entry is not disqualified?”
-I am aware of the subjective nature of this, and if you have to ask I am pretty sure I will find it inappropriate or offensive. Regardless of your opinion on your entry I reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason I choose, and will exercise that right as I see fit.
-A good litmus test would be whether or not you would say it in front of a group of school children, in a courtroom while on trial, or to your parents/loved ones.

“I have a leaderboard ban can I still win the giveaway?”
-No. After drawing a winner I will check if they have been banned from the game’s leaderboards, and will redraw till a winner is chosen that has not been banned.

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How do you define ‘enchantment type’? Depending on how it is defined, it can be 2, 13 or 15 blueprints.

All t4 spirit and elemental enchantments that are unlocked normally, not through special means (such as packs).

hello. i have sent this questionnaire twice because the first time i pressed enter by mistake instead of shift to write in capital letters

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