Reiga’s Giveaway: Shop Titans

Giving way 2024’s most creatively named packs

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam Richard and the team for providing the prizes for these giveaways. We reserve the right to reject your entry if your name/answer is considered inappropriate (i.e. it’d break Kabam’s ToS) or you have a leaderboard ban.

This giveaway has ended

It has been a little while since we did these but yes, giveaway times have returned! This time around I’m giving away a copy of the latest seasonal mega pack and superior pack – the Shop Titans (2024) packs!

Giveaway: Shop Titans (2024) Mega & Superior Packs

Note: If you do not own a standard tier 9 blueprint the tier 14 blueprint in the mega pack will be replaced with chests and keys. Standard in this case refers to blueprints that require research scrolls to unlock.

Gold amount in the superior pack may be different than that amount, I just don’t have access to Kabam’s scaling system.

You know how this works by now; one lucky winner will receive both the mega and superior Shop Titans (2024) packs.

It’s not going to be as elaborate as some of my previous giveaways cause truthfully I’m a bit drained after all the update 17.0 stuff so there’ll just be 1 question to answer. However, the single question asked below will be the most important and difficult question I’ve ever asked – there is zero room for creative answering here, there is a very specific answer that you must provide and be 100% certain it’s correct.

This giveaway will run until 12th June 23:59:59 UTC+0 (this is 1 second before piggy bank resets.) This is 1 day and 1 second shorter than normal. One entry per player only – multiple entries may result in disqualification (see the FAQ at the end of this post.)

Good luck!

And make sure to keep an eye out for other giveaways!

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Giveaway FAQ
“I entered the same giveaway twice by accident!”
-I’m aware the system isn’t exactly flawless when it comes to entries – so long as they’re within a few minutes of each other I’ll just disregard the duplicate. If it’s longer than that (say a day for example) contact me before it ends so I can fix it, otherwise you’ll be disqualified.

“I’m not sure you got my entry”
-Drop a message on the STC discord with your name and I can check (note due to discord’s weird new username system I don’t accept friend requests unless you share one of the main ST discords with me. Please reach out on our discord if you need confirmation of entry.)

“I entered the giveaway and won but I already bought the pack cause I thought I’d lose.”
-You’ll be given a gem equivalent amount instead.

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