Reiga’s Giveaway: STC 4th Anniversary

It’s been four years

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam Richard and the team for providing the prizes for this giveaway. We reserve the right to reject your entry if your name/answer is considered inappropriate (i.e. it’d break Kabam’s ToS) or you have a leaderboard ban.

This giveaway has ended.

4 years on and STC is still going strong. Not bad for a hobby project I figured would last a few months at best when I took it on :D. The main anniversary post covered a lot of the major milestones so I’d like to take this chance to talk about the people who make STC, well, STC1.

Nerilea has been doing some fantastic work on the STC Hub, allowing us to migrate our best-in-slot page to a system that is much more capable of handling it2 as well as creating more tools to help players (I myself make a lot of use of her gear affinity tool.) She is constantly creating new tools to help the community with an incredible drive and passion for her work and I always look forward to seeing her next creation.

If you’ve been on our discord or the subreddit for Shop Titans you’ll have ran into Archonmal, the hero guy. He has helped countless numbers of players with their rosters, giving them sound guidance on how to improve their heroes and also educating people so they know how best to go about kicking the crap out of extreme quests. He recently created an entire new in-depth beginner guide to help players learn the ropes and get started on their merchant careers.

The team has also expanded since the last anniversary with R2Dae2 joining us as our daeta collector and organiser, using her skillset to bring more detail to our projects than I ever thought possible (like look at her Elysium data sheet for example, it’s a thing of beauty.) She also took over maintaining our affinity and dragon invasion sheet when I was on reicaiton, making sure they’re kept up-to-date so players always have easy access to information if they don’t feel like battling the official sheet :D.

And of course let us not forget the most important person – you! Yes, you, who is reading this right now! Without you, your views, your feedback, your support, all of this would be for nothing and I may not even be writing this post right now. Thank you to all of the community for the support you have given us, I hope that we in turn have been helpful to you.

Okay if I write any more emotional stuff my optical sensors will start leaking so let’s get to the giveaway. As outlined in our 4th anniversary post the prize for this giveaway is a worker of your choice (or alternatively 3,800 gems.)

As with my recent giveaways there multiple questions for you to answer – you will get 1 prize draw entry per correct answer (so for example if you answered say 3 of them correctly you’d get 3 entries into the draw) with a slight twist in that if you get the first question wrong you are automatically disqualified, regardless whether or not you got the other questions correct. Answer as many as you wish (the 1st question must be answered), include your player name and # number and pick which prize you would like.

This giveaway will run until May 3rd 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.) One entry per player only – multiple entries may result in disqualification (see the FAQ at the end of this post.)

Good luck!

And make sure to keep an eye out for our other anniversary giveaways!

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Well that was fun :D.
Q1: We’re celebrating our 4th anniversary. Nearly everyone got this right thankfully :P.
Q2. There were 4 pyramids (the 3 pyramids + the pyramid made out of those pyramids and the other deco.) My player name was visible on discord and has been mentioned in previous articles.
Q3. I was using the Forbidden One Ex loadout. This link was the first result if you searched LCoG in our search bar.
Q4. Patch 4.3 was the great nerf. This link was the first result if you searched Herocalypse in our search bar.

1.32% of all entrants got all 4 answers correct.

Winner: Alexia Alber#48244.

  1. the major players anyway, if I listed everyone we’d be here until next anniversary. Love you Vuaux, Tyco et al but let’s not bore everyone to death yeah.
  2. in hindsight a google sheet wasn’t the best idea to begin with for it

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English speaking people have priority. I just didn’t understand some of the questions. But not only English speakers play at Shop Titans.

If there’s a question you’re struggling to understand I’m happy to try translating it for you. I realise sometimes terminology can get mixed up so I can reword a question if it’s proving to be particularly difficult to understand. Let me know here or dm me on discord.

How can I see your shop? I search for “Reiga” and no player is coming. Your page is awesome. Keep the good work.

How do we research the answers to questions 3 and 4?

Question #1 is quite easy, not sure how anyone can miss that. Though I do want to ask, are the answers manually reviewed or does it have to be a 100% match. As in, just the simple number, or spelled out, etc.

Found how to get the answer to #2.

So yeah, #3 and #4 are eluding me.

Answers are manually reviewed.
As for #3 and #4, both can be found using the site’s search bar. Both questions contain the key phrase that you need to search which will give you the answer.

Congrats for Four Years! And thanks for having this giveaway! 🤩🤩 I’ll put my new worker to good use.

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