Retire, Rehire and You

Why you should consider remaking heroes to get great skills

Recreating heroes if they do not get the skills you are looking for when they level up early is a great way to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your new hero and not have to worry about spending gems to fix their initial skills when they level up later on.

Which would you rather have for 0 gems?

The idea itself is pretty straightforward – you set yourself a target level (usually 5 or 10), get your hero to that level and then if they haven’t got great skills you retire them and make a new one. By weeding out your weaker heroes early you save on potential disappointment later on.

It should also be noted that the first skill slots of a hero have lower odds to roll rare/epic skills – by getting them via a retire/rehire you’re not going to be at the mercy of RNG so much when trying for them (at least, you won’t have to burn boatloads of gems to acquire them.)

Hero LevelTotal Experience Required

The amount of experience required to unlock the skills of a hero. Please note that low tier heroes (tier 3 and below) have slightly different breakpoints: whilst they get their first skill at lvl 5, they require lvl 12 for their second.

There’s a couple of ways to go about getting your heroes up quickly to check their skills out:

The first and the fastest method to level them is to use experience drinks. They come in 3 different sizes which give varying amounts of experience:

XP Drink: Grants 500 experience
Super XP Drink: Grants 5,000 experience
Mega XP Drink: Grants 50,000 experience

These are your best friends when it comes to leveling a new hero quickly. A Mega XP drink will allow you to check the first 2 skills on any hero, a Super will check the first skill, 4 XP drinks will also allow you to see the first skill. The downside to these unfortunately is they’re not easily obtained and you can burn through your supply of them very quickly.

If you run out of drinks or do not wish to use them, your alternative best friend is here

Aurora Caves

  • Snow
  • Experience
  • Yeti’s
  • More snow
  • Birthplace of whoever made the 4.3 balancing decisions

A hero can reach level 5 in one trip to the dungeon on Hard difficulty, or one trip on Medium difficulty if your guild is running the Quest experience boost (they really should be.)

Now you can’t go sending your brand new hero into Aurora without some equipment (hey it’s the one time power rating has a function), you need 450 power to enter Medium, 750 to enter Hard. If you’re planning to roll a lot of heroes consider investing in a good set of tier 1 gear as you can reuse it constantly. Consider also enchanting the gear with Owls to maximize your experience gain or Bears to ensure your hero survives the encounter. Pair them up with another hero/champion of your choice and they should have no problems culling the yeti population.

If cost is no object then there’s another alternative you can also consider:

Sun God’s Tomb

  • Warmer than the Aurora Caves
  • Everyone loves pyramids
  • May contain mummies

Now I stress that a gear set which allows you to clear Sun God’s Tomb at level 1 is not going to be on the cheap side – you’re looking at full legendaries with bear enchants and possibly requiring a power booster. However if you can pull it off your hero can go from level 1 to 10 in one trip which is incredibly helpful from a time-saving perspective. You could consider it a bit extreme but if you’re planning to level a lot of heroes it is something to bear in mind.

So you’ve rolled your hero, got your 2 skills and are now wanting to push for 23. Your best options here involve the previously mentioned Owls and the Quest experience boost your guild can run. Bosses provide an incredible amount of exp and should be killed every spawn with heroes you are looking to level – combined with XP booster items they will cut the time to level down by a lot.

Outside of bosses you want to be pushing the hardest dungeons you can with them. There isn’t really any special tricks you can use here – i’m afraid you just have to bear with it (I consider this part one of the most boring parts of levelling a hero.) However know that if you rolled a hero to get 2 good skills already it’s going to be amazing when you finish. :)

Linked below are 2 videos from Play2Win (he has rolled heroes an insane amount of times.) The first one covers leveling from an f2p perspective, the second demonstrates some of the dungeons to try for leveling including the Sun God Tomb idea.

So there you have it, a reason to reroll heroes and some methods you can use to speed it along. Please note that you don’t actually need your heroes to have 2 epic skills, this is just something to consider for fun/potentially preparing for future content.

The above conclusion was requested by Snype, who is only slightly taller than this font size irl.

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