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And a small Earth & Water tease

The Cursed Caprice

Given how the most recent King’s Caprice went a bit sideways and the 10M point fix didn’t work properly I will not be recording an entry in the leaderboards for it – there’s not enough data available to make even a semi-accurate picture of what it was like before it got messed up and not every guild got gifted the same amount of points.

Developer Q&A #2

This is on course for the tailend of this month – look forward to some teases and questions you didn’t know you wanted the answer for.


It’ll be a surprise. :P

Water and Earth

The next megapack will be continuing the Avatar theme and is based around the Water and Earth elements1. There are currently a couple of giveaways running you can join to win a copy of this pack:

  • Vuaux is running one on the ST-Central Discord – you can join that through this link.
  • KrazyKatLady is running one on her twitter account – you can find that here.

And finally here’s a little tease from the pack:

  1. clue’s in the name really

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