Site News

Site News

Been a while since we had one of these

We’re Open Again

I’ve got free time once more to start working on the site and keeping it updated. Impackt series will be restarted with the next pack and I’ll be working on bringing other pages up to date over the next week.

Archiving/Removal Of Old Pages

With the arrival of 9.4 I’ll be taking some of the current pages off the navigation menu into an archived section.

Given we’ve got a new quest mechanic and new Lost City of Gold/Tower of Titans stages there’ll need to be an overhaul of solo, duo and group build pages and I don’t wish to have information up that could potentially no longer be a safe guide (I’d feel bad if someone followed a suggested build and then couldn’t actually clear the updated content with it. Trying to avoid becoming like the infamous Medium article.)

That’s not to say they won’t come back in the future, just it’s not something we can have figured out day 1.

On the topic of 9.4: the update guide will be released on Monday (the day before the update should roll out.) Kabam were kind enough to give me permission to publish it early so keep an eye out for it.

Next Giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway (well, I presume everyone does anyway) and the next one will be starting this coming Thursday (24th March.) There’ll be one running here and one on the site discord – do feel free to join us there (follow this link.)

That about covers everything for now, come back Monday for the 9.4 fun!

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