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Yes it’s another one, this time covering 9.5 and some teases

T12 Elements

With the introduction of these new elements which give +25 element score (and +35 on an affinity match) the tl;dr section is going to be come significantly shorter as we’ll be closer to the old style “this is the best loadout every time.” There’s still going to be occasions where we’ll be using the affinity system for a stat boost but it can largely be ignored for the immediate future.

Solo/Duo/Group pages

The duo build page is currently being worked on though these new enchants will mean it’s going to take longer.

I’m uncertain at the moment as to what path to take with the solo/group pages – barriers make soloing a bit tricky and there’s a lot of moving parts to track now for making group builds. What might happen is a showcase page giving example builds that can be followed.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on it, do check out the tl;dr page – we have a lot of information on there now to help you build a great hero.

LCoG/Tower guide pages

I’m aware these need updating it’s just a time issue at the moment.

T12 Spirits

With the introduction of the new spirits they kinda make the current version of Spiritual Guidance pointless :P I’ve got an idea for this where the spirits will be rated amongst the others in their tier and have a small note if they’re relevant outside of them but otherwise can presume higher tier = better.

And speaking of spirits:

Chimera Spirit
+10% Attack
+10% critical damage
Carbuncle Spirit
+2% Evasion
+2% Critical Hit Chance
Kraken Spirit
+10% ATK
+100 ATK
Hydra Spirit
+100 DEF
+25 HP

Soon™ (and there’s 2 more to tease still, do check out our discord.)

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