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Site News

Recent updates on the site

Site Downtime

The site was briefly down yesterday for approximately one hour (you may have seen the celtic attire impackt swap between displaying an entry for the superior or not.) This was due to a wordpress update deciding it didn’t want to play nicely with the way we have things set up. No main data was lost because hey we have good backup procedures but I apologise for the couple of feedback comments that were deleted in this time.

Site Feedback

Speaking of feedback, I’ve setup a small survey based on some topics I’ve been approached on and also just wanting to hear your feedback in general. If you have a spare moment to fill it in I would be very appreciative.

Click this to be taken to the survey

Quest Data Collection

We recently started a project to collect data from quests that players are running, recording things such as what drops they saw, what was in the royal merchant slot, was Polonia used etc. We’re planning to use this information to be able to provide a more definite idea of what rewards you can expect from each quest zone, how much an effect Polonia has and so on.

If you wish to participate in this please head to our discord and submit your data in the #quest-data channel. We’ll have a page set up in the near future where you can view the findings.

And finally, I would like to thank all of our Patreon supporters for helping ST Central remain afloat, helping support us and the fees of keeping the site up. We wouldn’t be able to continue what we’re doing without you.

Thank you to our Patreon Supporters and Fantastic Community.

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