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As you probably noticed if you accessed the other address we used for ST Central we’ve swapped to making this the main website. The other domain will be taken offline at some point – all relevant information has been transferred.

Event Leaderboards

We have a page now that is dedicated to tracking the top 10 players/guilds in each event, you can find that here. It’ll look a bit barebones at the minute cause we’ve only just started but over time it’ll be fleshed out.

King Caprice Aftermath

I’m gathering feedback from players to create an article about the aftermath of King Caprice and to hopefully provide some insight to Kabam about how some players are feeling. If you wish to be a part of this, please fill in this form with your feedback.

And yes, you keep your antique tokens.

Hero Stats For Each level

One thing that has been requested a fair amount of times in the past is the base stats for each class at each level (so example, the base stats for a level 13 geomancer.) This information hasn’t been shared by Kabam but there is a community project being spearheaded by Ress to collect it. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated – see here if you want to participate.

Site Tidiness

If you’ve noticed the images look a little bit less wonky than they used to you can thank Snype for that – he’s joined the ST Central team and has been tackling appearance problems also he enjoys doing it which is kind of weird but I’m very grateful.

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