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ST Anniversary Giveaway

Join a team for a chance to win 2k gems!

This giveaway has finished.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam for sponsoring this giveaway.

As part of their 2 year celebration for Shop Titans Kabam have provided gem prizes for members of the Content Creator Program to give away to their followers.

For us here at ST Central we figured we’d keep it straightforward with an idea that 100% will not backfire in any shape, size or form. To enter, all you need to do is respond to this post with a comment that includes:

1) Your in-game name and id number (please make sure this is accurate. One player missed out on winning the previous giveaway as we could not find them in-game to organise their prize delivery.)

2) List whether you support Team Reiga (led by myself) or Team Snype (led by the site’s resident artist/table wizard/possible hobbit.)

The giveaway will run until Saturday 26th June 00:00 utc+0 (this is the time the piggy bank resets in game.) At that point one supporter from each team will be chosen at random and will have their details passed along to Kabam to arrange their prize (again, please make sure you leave accurate details.)

Good luck!

Winning Team: Reiga
Winner from Team Reiga: Dank Elf#27442
Winner from Team Snype: Flight-Fries#24672

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Not fair making me choose but Snype made me a popcorn machine so have to go Team Snype

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