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STC – 2 Years on

I know right I’m still here. Oh and a chance to win a premium worker!

Disclaimer: Massive thanks to Kabam for sponsoring this giveaway! Special thanks to Kabam De who is a pretty awesome person.

This giveaway has ended.

As long term readers may know STC celebrates its anniversary on April 25th (you can view our very first post on our old domain here.) It has been quite the fun-filled year with highlights including:

  • The collection book (which actually convinced me to master blueprints which I assure you was a miracle.)
  • The crossover event with Avatar: The Last Airbender (bring back Sokka’s effect.)
  • Tamas as a champion (bring him back too.)
  • A lot of new shop customisation options (frames, wall decorations, ways to really spruce up the shop.)
  • Yolanda and her really cool familiars for champions.
  • And so much more!

Of course reaching this milestone is cause for celebration and so to celebrate we’re giving 1 lucky reader a chance to win a premium worker of their choice! Or if they already own them, they can win a pretty pile of gems instead (pile = equivalent value of the worker)!

A quick reminder of who the premium workers are:

To enter the giveaway fill in the form below with the following 3 things:

  • Your player name and # number. Please make sure this is correct (cause we can’t organise your prize if you can’t be found.
  • Which of the four workers you would like if you won (write gems if you want the gems instead.)
  • Who is your favourite NPC in Shop Titans? Is it Freya? Ismael?Ashley? Let us know!

The giveaway will be open until Monday 2nd May 00:00 utc+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets in-game.) At that point a winner will be chosen at random from all entries (so feel free to name your favourite, you don’t need to guess which NPC might be the most popular.)

One entry per player only. If you run into any problems please get in touch (you can find me on Discord, Reiga#4142.)

Good luck!

Winner: Quirionais#83787

17 replies on “STC – 2 Years on”

Congratulations on your 2 years! Thank you for all you do and for the community you gathered around that work. Hoping there’s many more years to come! ?

This is (and the discord) are easily the best resources and I consider them pretty much mandatory reading to do anything more than dabble in the game. Thank you for all you do!

Congrats on your two years. I have been playing for a year now and thought you have been around longer than that for as well put together as the game is.

Congratulations on 2 years!! Thank you for your work putting out such useful guide and maintaining this site. I’ve been playing a little under a year and I’ve definitely progressed a lot faster thanks to you. :)

Congratulations for the 2 years of hard work!
I have been here for very a long time (i still remember the page change u guys had to suffer through) and i have read probably everything you have wrote in your blogs. They are funny, interesting and informative, and i really hope they come many more in the future! (Maybe one day i can even help!)

I have not won a single giveaway, i hope my luck changes on this special one

These events are so random and so short lived and so poorly advertised that it’s always been impossible for me to catch any of them. Any chance that you could pre-advertise the events (even if just on the blog here) a week or two in advance, in the future? I mean, it’d be one thing to keep track of them regularly if this was a more regular blog that posted something in conjunction with every new update, but the blog postings have all struck me as being pretty random, from every angle. :S

Anyway, event stuff aside, thanks for all the effort you’ve put into STC- it’s been a great resource over the nearly a year I’ve been playing. :)

Hi there, Vuaux (community manager of ST Central discord).

We notify everyone through a blog post, a reddit post and on our discord. I think that is more than sufficient timing for people to reply and enter. We notify everyone the moment we know when we are allowed to do a give-away. Kabam organizes these, we CAN’T change the dates on them.

I also recommend you to check in on the website, reddit and discord more as you are 14 days late on this give-away. I think that one is not on us.

Thanks for the compliments though and have a great night/day!

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