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STC – 3 Years on

Celebrating our continued existence with our biggest giveaway yet

DisclaimerThanks to Kabam for sponsoring this giveaway! Special thanks to Kabam Richard who is a pretty awesome hamster.

As long term readers may know STC celebrates its anniversary on April 25th (you can view our very first post on our old domain here.) Let’s take a quick recap of what’s happened since last year:

  • Dragon Invasion was added as the long teased 4th event and gave us the Dragon’s Hoard and honestly lost count of how many bugs.
  • Kaipo and Tutu Mano brought cooking into the game, allow us to fatten up the customers.
  • Flash quests brought a new way to disappoint us when we only get 1 tiny stack of the guaranteed loot.
  • Spooky space zone as we go into the void dimension for Tier 13.
  • Nerilea joined the STC team bringing some much needed tech expertise and helping revamp the site (cannot overstate how helpful she is.)
  • ArchonMal joined the team as well with his trademark walls-of-text, ready to dispense to any player needing advice on heroes (his what makes a good hero series is a highly recommended read for anyone looking to learn more about heroes.
  • And lots more!

Now for the (let’s be honest) main reason you’re reading this, the giveaway part! This time around myself, Nerilea and ArchonMal are all giving away a premium worker, some true sigils and a titan soul!

  • Reiga is running a giveaway where you can win
    • Roxanne the Engineer,
    • 300 Sigils of True Might and
    • a Titan Soul
  • Nerilea is running a giveaway where you can win
    • Yolanda the Summoner,
    • 300 Sigils of True Spark and
    • a Titan Soul
  • ArchonMal is running a giveaway where you can win
    • Evelyn the Scholar,
    • 300 Sigils of True Grace and
    • a Titan So____ ArchonMal is typing…
  • If you win a giveaway and already own the worker you’ll be given gems instead (along with the sigils and Titan Soul.)

Below you can find links to each of our giveaways. You can enter all 3 (and in theory if you were some sort of incredibly lucky person win all 3 but that’d be ultra suspicious) if you wish:

All 3 giveways will end at the same time (April 28th 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.)) and please please please make sure your player name and # number are correct, you’d be surprised how many times we get an incomplete one which means missing out on prizes.

Thank you for your continued support and good luck!

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Merci pour cette mine d’information qui nous aide au quotidien :) Joyeux 3ème anniversaire ST Central !!

Congrats on the anniversary and my gratitude to all diligent contributors. It truly makes a huge difference.

Better than 0 and it’s 2 more than we normally have :P.

We jump on every opportunity provided to run giveaways for packs/workers/etc but we are limited by whatever Kabam authorize.

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