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STC – 4 Years on

Celebrating year four with giveaways galore!

DisclaimerThanks to Kabam for sponsoring this giveaway! Special thanks to Kabam Richard who is a pretty awesome hamster1.

April 25th marks the 4th anniversary of STC (you can view our first ever post on our old domain here) and that means it’s time for our annual review and then (the real reason you’re here) our major giveaways! Let’s recap some of the events of the past 12 months:

  • Lost City of Gold became the Lost City of Platinum at stage 11 but it’s still called Lost even though we clearly know where it is.
  • Talent trees were introduced, allowing players to gain buffs to their playstyle.
  • Said talent trees got revamped. RIP Forbidden One.
  • R2Dae2, Keeper of the Spreadsheets, joined the team and allowed us to really fancify our data gathering projects.
  • The Tower of Terror! I.E. the place we send Reinhold every month for free plat items.
  • A new tier of heroes was introduced, including the Chronomancer which allows a failed quest to have a second attempt2.
  • Dragon Invasion was rebuilt from the ground up to try and tackle the never-ending bugs. It’s a work-in-progress.
  • STC-Hub had it’s 1 year anniversary, and a fancy new logo.
  • We travelled to the realm of the gods only to find we missed them in Elysium, alongside the release of Tier 14.
  • Advanced research was introduced allowing people to possibly regret fusing all their scrolls into shards.
  • And lots more!

Moving onto the main event then, the giveaways! As our long term readers may remember our anniversary is when we give away some of the cooler prizes. Here’s what we got this year:

  • ArchonMal, Nerilea and myself (Rei) will each be hosting a giveaway where the prize is a premium worker of your choice (or a pile of gems if you prefer instead!)
  • R2Dae2 will be running a giveaway where you can win a champion soul (saves you the time and expense of having to fuse one!) You can win this alongside one of the worker giveaways.

Below you can find links to each of our giveaways. You can enter all of them however the most you can win is one worker and the champion soul (gotta leave some prizes for the others ya know):

All 4 giveaways will end at the same time (the 3rd of May 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.)) and  please make sure your player name and # number are correct, you’d be surprised how many times we get an incomplete one which means missing out on prizes.

Thank you for your continued support and good luck!

But wait, there’s more!

Whilst the above giveaways offer fantastic prizes there is the downside is that only a maximum of 4 people can win, meaning many players will be left out. What if we could do something about that? A way to give everyone in the community a little something to celebrate instead of just a lucky few?

Well dear reader, Nerilea negotiated a deal with Kabam to make that happen. It is our pleasure to announce (and we tested this before pushing this post live so yes, it works as intended) a promo code that’ll give you some sweet in-game prizes!


  • This code will give you
    • 40 Research Scrolls,
    • 40 Ascension Shards,
    • 40 Antique Tokens and
    • 40 Dragonmarks.
  • You must be at least merchant level 20 to use it.
  • This code will be active until the 9th of May 00:00 UTC+0.

To redeem this code in-game bring up the menu, tap the Promo Code button and input it in the text box that appears. If you’re playing on a iOS device the code system is currently unavailable but if you have access to another platform you can redeem it there.

If you’d like to support us please consider subscribing to our youtube channel (our patch guides now come in video form as do some other articles) or providing a small donation to our ongoing costs.

  1. yes we recycled last year’s disclaimer
  2. alternatively though you could just read the hero section on this site and not fail the first time :D

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you guys are amazing. Keep up the great work you are doing. Glad i came back to the game and just having a blast.

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